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ChangeLog: Aplicom

Posted: Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:25 pm
by johan
Patches and bug fixes for Aplicom Plugin

Update from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.
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More info on how to connect Aplicom tracker:

Release history:

Aplicom Plugin v5.0.0.2610 Released: 2018-12-13
* added CIF_RawData which contains data from all CIF sensors for 'A9 + CAN' device

Aplicom Plugin v5.0.0.2277 Released: 2018-10-11
* Added IButton, 3PAD_State inputs to A9 device

Aplicom Plugin v4.0.0.5072 Released: 2017-02-02
* Support for CanIdForwarder (CIF) data (Engine Temperature 1, Dash Display, Fuel Economy) for A9 + CAN device

Aplicom Plugin v4.0.0.4333 Released: 2016-07-13
* Added support of Cold Chain Temperature sensors

Aplicom Plugin v4.0.0.3526 Released: 2015-11-18
* Support for A9-NEX

Aplicom Plugin v4.0.0.1207 Released: 2014-06-11
* Fixed bug that prevented Device Mappers from being listed.

Aplicom Plugin v4.0.0.1195 Released: 2014-06-09
* Fixed DLKP signal parsing in Aplicom D Protocol.

Aplicom Plugin v4.0.0.540 Released: 2014-02-25
* Support for TCP pooling. Much improved performance on large servers.

Aplicom Plugin v4.0.0.489 Released: 2014-02-17
* Fixed device mapper some new signals were wrongly mapped

Aplicom Plugin v4.0.0.486 Released: 2014-02-17
* Added eventid and event data parsing for both D and F protocols.


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Re: ChangeLog: Aplicom

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 4:11 pm
by johan
Aplicom Plugin v5.0.0.2610 Released: 2018-12-13