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ChangeLog: Patch.v4

Wed Nov 27, 2013 1:15 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Patch.v4 Plugin

This plugin fixes bugs and adds features to Core (GpsGate Server v4.0)

Upgrade from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.5906 Released: 2017-10-27
- FIx "Status Error: TCP/IP Network Protocol for SQL Server must be enabled. " when trying to upgrade to Core v5

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.5828 Released: 2017-09-14

- KML import of <LineString> tags to Route Geofence.
- Importing geofence from KML-files now also supports Route Geofences (from <LineString> tags).
- "Advanced trackpoint filters" will now always apply the filter, no need to open the filter-settings window and click 'apply'. This affects both trackpoint list and trackpoint export. (the filter settings are saved with the workspace).
- Sorting of geofences and tags is now using human friendly ordering, i.e "1" < "2" < "10" (!)

- Fix: bugfixes for Advanced Trackpoint filter and track export (filters only applied when window was open).
- Fix: case where updates for some vehicles never propagated to the UI
- Fix: case where updates for some vehicles never propagated to the UI
- Fix: Bug fix in SOAP method GetGateMessagesByTrackInfoId
- Fix: localized keys in "GenericComponents" module are now translated for Event Rule Email Notifiers.
- Fix: PasswordReset.exe to run under .NET 4
- Fix: Do not display removed variables from a Device Mapper in the UI (such as in the Status Panel)
- Fix: More robust Geofence import and better error messages.
- Fix: Geofences now show their name in the mouse-over tooltip also during editing and browsing.
- Fix: Route geofences now correctly include their radius in the bounds calculations -> better zoom-to-fit for example.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.5752 Released: 2017-08-15

- Improved security. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.

- Event Rule clone (right click on event rule in VehicleTracker and clone it)
- User Search now includes a "created" column.
- "One click" update of all plugins.
- Possibility to export a vehicle list to a CSV file with a custom delimiter
- Device Type dropdown in Add/Edit User and User Type Editor is now searchable

- Fix: Marker attributes sometimes did not show.
- Fix: Custom Fields can now be batch updated in shared applications.
- Fix: 64-bit OS platform dependency detection when running IIS Express
- Fix: Fatpoints could disappear after zooming in.
- Fix: More robust handling of failing maps and other plugins.
- Fix: 'Smart labels' bugfix.
- Fix: bug in Trackpoint graph selected signals saving.
- Fix: Overview form could break when hidden.
- Fix: Overview item could disappear from context menu after workspace change.
- Fix: Updating IMEI for a device sometimes did not work.
- Fix: Removing icons with Batch Edit Users
- Fix: Event Rule Window becoming blank after resize
- Fix: non localized text for days in Event Rule Schedule causing schedule to be displayed incorrectly
- Fix: Icon library sometimes did not load.

- Faster loading of Roles and Tags admin windows.
- Faster switching of Workspaces
- Slightly faster window and panel content updates.
- Slightly faster app startup.

- user.liveIP now available in device mapper scripts.
- operator.ip and operator.username now available in UserRightClickMenu scripts.
- SOAP method ChangeUsername now works again.
- Timer click scripts: can set interval in seconds now.
- Possibility to send emails from Timer click scripts
- Exposed lastConnection for user objects in web service scripts.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.5478 Released: 2017-06-05

- Security improvements. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.

- Overview window can now be pinned to a panel and saved in Workspace.
- Updated TimeZone database to 2017b
- Spinning wheel when there is a wait to load a new View.

- Improved responsiveness in large views.
- Faster login time for desktop.

- Fix: Vehicle attribute "MarkerColor" now works ok again.
- Fix: [APPLICATION_NAME] now shows app name again for Offline Expression.
- Fix: Fixed track point info window showing wrong translation for certain variables types
- Fix: issue where a Driver could be logged in to 2 Vehicles at the same time when the DriverIDExpression was combined with another expression
- Fix: Saving workspace could fail.
- Fix: Garmin PND cannot log in.
- Fix: Event panel sometimes did not load on MSSQL installations.
- Fix: Update user data in application, when edited in SiteAdmin
- Fix: Can create users with special characters. (Bug introduced in April release v4.0.0.5295)
- Fix: Batch Update of Custom Fields now works in Overview Application.
- Fix: Layout bug when opening Application Console window
- Fix: Status panel. Text shown in top of panel.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.5295 Released: 2017-04-26

- Map and vehicle list faster for larger applications.

- Fix: Nightly reporting tasks will now adjust scheduled time properly for DST transition
- Fix: Change of locale was not always propagated to user interface.
- Fix: TCP connection issues introduced in v4.0.0.5211

- App Scripts: RouteMessage from (Event Rule) Notification. This enables you to add output from Event Rules to track history. For example list Geofence names or Driver Name in track history.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.5211 Released: 2017-03-28

- Image upload for each vehicle/driver/user
- Import exported template, e.g. Event Rule or an App Script to multiple applications.
- Track graph can now be pinned (made a panel).
- Added profiling for SOAP services

- Fix: Do not finish event too early with Offline expression when the rule has also an end expression.
- Fix: Vehicle list export did not consider the columns being hidden when the workspace was loaded.
- Fix: "" can be updated with "Batch Update Users"
- Fix: Vehicle list export did not consider the columns being hidden when the workspace was loaded.
- Fix: Do not finish event too early with Offline expression when the rule has also an end expression.
- Fix: dashboard graphs going blank under some circumstances
- Fix: Removed the warning column from event rule list to have it loading faster when having many rules.
- Fix: Add NUMBER_DECIMAL_3 variable
- Fix: user not saving if previous icon image has been removed (rare)
- Fix: sometimes wrong geofence name appeared in reports.

- Faster track drawing.
- Improved multi-CPU usage.

- Geofence APIs available from Web Service Scripts
- HTTP APIs available from Notifier scripts.
- Added GetUserCustomFieldValues to SOAP
- App Console improved.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.5114 Released: 2017-02-16

- Vehicle list export. Use _ExportVehicleList privilege to enable.
- SiteAdmin news icon in Upper right corner.

- Fix tags not showing in Edit User window when using Access Mask
- Fix Vehicle marker shows as icon with text "null"
- Fix Do not create event with "outside" geofence expression when the geofence tag is empty and receiving invalid position.
- Fix SiteAdmin User Search application tag filter not working
- Fix User Search could show incorrect number of users consuming licenses
- Fix is case insensitive again in script expression
- Fix "Failed to create new language" bug in Localization editor (UI bug).
- Fix language not being removed from Localization language list after deletion (UI bug).
- Fix faster shutdown.
- Fix Marker Attributes and right click vehicle not working when Marker Attribute text has multiple lines

- Scripting method user.getCustomFieldValue() is faster.
- Better use of multiple CPU/cores.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.4982 Released: 2017-01-11
- Added batch remove users in vehicle tracker
- Color coded application list (SiteAdmin)
- Yellow & Red backgrounds for expired and about to expire applications
- Yellow background for "Licenses Used" column when "Licenses Used"="License Limit"

- Filter unrealistic values when for Odometer Accumulator when having "Sync With Device Odometer" enabled
- Fix case where Geofence Expression did not handle "invalid" positions correctly
- When exporting a track, do not apply advanced filter setting if the advanced filter window is not open
- Mark tracks as selected when clicking on 'Draw today's tracks' for a vehicle
- Fix signal data for drivers could "leak" from previous vehicle
- Handle driver user was not found after deleting a driver and receiving history messages
- Send email from script (through commands) failed due to SMTP permission error

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.4900 Released: 2016-12-13
- Template commands support binary parameter value, encoded as hexadecimal string in the following format: "[0x01][0x02][0x0A]"

- Set background to yellow on vehicles found outside of view
- Improved performance when using custom fields from device mapper scripts
- Closing event automatically when finished was not acknowledged when event was finalized through the "Finish events automatically when outside schedule" option
- Fix loading tracks in UI sometimes yield an error
- Fix problem where the server under some circumstances leaks memory (growing memory consumption)
- Fixed loading Track Points for drivers in Vehicle Tracker UI
- Fix data in UI could be outdated after the "browser" lost internet connection for a long time and then was reconnected
- Fixed "Deleted row information cannot be accessed through the row." error when copying device mapper template from application.
- Fixes drawing track point graph for vehicles outside of the current view
- Fixed "Index must be within the bounds of the List" error when saving a template command sometimes.
- Fix scripted variable that override a "native" variable was not properly handled
- Fixed Track points advanced filter

- Added CustomField values to SOAP methods returning user objects

- Exposed "commands" API to NotifierClickScript (AppScript)
- Added commands.sendToUser(userId, commandName, commandArg) function
- Route a command to devices for a user that supports the given command

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.4845 Released: 2016-11-24
- New table view
Tables are used within Vehicle Tracker Applications to list different data such as Vehicles, Tracks, Track Points, Events, and so on.
Those tables have been updated and we would like to present you with their different features.

- TrackPoints Graph:
- Added settings allowing for signals min/max
- e.g: You always want to see a 0 - 100 scale for a signal such as Fuel Level %
- The setting is accessible from the panel menu on the Track Point graph panel/window
- Settings are saved to the workspace

- Improved overall UI performance when having many users in the view
- Improved backend performance when building up new connections

- Event rule can now resolve device IMEI in notifiers. Variable name: DEVICE_IMEI
- _EditMarkerAttributes privilege as default for _Administrator role
- Added 'Display as' option to custom accumulators to allow display as Hours (1.5h) or Time (01:30:00)

- Fix intermittent error querying users
- Event using delayed option did not trigger when the position was invalid
- Fix case where tag changes was not reflected in the view
- Fixed issue where User Tags were not selected/restored when editing a user
- Resolve correct ip address of logged in user, fixes Access Filter plugin and information shown in SisteAdmin -> Activity
- Fix "Usage" in profiling logs always showed 0%
- Fix marker icon was not properly changed when modified from a script notifier
- Fix "map toolbar"for IE11
- Scripting: format() used on Date objects will format to application local time
- Fix set initial values for Text and Icon notifiers When saving an EventRule
- Events not marked to be present in Event Panel was included
- Trips was not drawn with the color of the vehicle
- Fix RouteGeofence cannot be drawn on any map
- Fix issue where the event was not updated properly on the "timeline"
- Fix error when loading several tracks at once from track panel
- Fix status signals for a driver was not always correct
- Fix phone number was reset for a user after using the number in Test SMS (Site Admin)
- Fix case where scheduled tasks (reports, offline event rules etc) was not correctly handled under some circumstances when thwe server was under high load

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.4659 Released: 2016-10-11
- Calendar date picker now supports non-Gregorian calendars e.g: Islamic Hijri calender
- Added Batch Update User Tags using CSV files.
- Allows to batch add/remove users from user tags

- Custom field changes made from SOAP was not reflected in UI properly
- Removing accumulator did not remove the last value in status panel
- Removed minimize/maximize buttons on marker attributes
- Added functionality to minimize/maximize attributes when clicking on an already selected vehicle
- Labels for marker attributes disappeared when minimized with certain display thresholds
- Sanity check for OdometerAcc value to handle/filter unrealistic values caused by device errors
- Could not save "user type" when changing the "required" field
- When using "Device Input" for Device mapper -> Trip Definition -> default to "idle" if signal is missing

- Added geocoding.reverseGeocode(lat, lng) to Script Expression to resolve Address from position

- Added new SOAP method to set user's expected fuel consumption

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.4516 Released: 2016-09-13
- Batch updating user information using csv files
- Allow modification of properties such as name, description etc - custom fields and Devices
- Enabled by _BatchUpdateUsers privilege
- Marker attributes can now be minimized/maximized to hide/show the attributes temporarily.

- Fixed missing scrollbar for batch edit Role window
- Fix NullReferenceException when adding a new user through SOAP API
- Fix Text Notifier and Icon notifier was not properly applied for vehicles and drivers
- Fix failing driver login when a history message is sent immediately after the driver has logged in on another vehicle
- Fix SiteAdmin User Search having empty Original Application column
- Fix various problems when having multiple devices reporting data for same user
- Fix message handling causing AlwaysValid plugin to fail
- Fix track distance could under some circumstances be incorrect when using odometer
- Fix track CSV export escaping delimiter character in data
- Fix issue where a phone number could not be used after using it to test SMS configuration
- Fix improved gefoence expression and geofence geocoding performance

- Notifier Click Script: Can now resolve variables from the event rule by using context.resolve() function
e.g: context.resolve('[RULE_NAME]')

Fix Devices added through SOAP ended up using wrong device mapper
New SOAP methods: SaveTag, ChangeUserDescription

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.4410 Released: 2016-08-10
- Fix rare case of 100% CPU usage when having multiple devices sending data for same user/vehicle
- Fix rare case where the user interface stopped updating
- Re-added Time column in Status Panel
- Setting new default Geocoder for an application did not take affect until restarting the service
- Internet explorer compatibility issues in SiteAdmin -> UserSearch
- Fix SiteAdmin -> UserSearch not returning any result under some circumstances
- Fix vehicles marker color and marker icon is lost when the vehicle is entering a view
- Values from Text and Icon notifiers was missing when the vehicle entered a dynamic view
- Problem setting new marker icon or marker color
- Fix intermittent problem closing events
- Fix rare case where vehicle is not displayed on map
- Fix missing user data such as signal values when displaying a user not in the current selected view (User is displayed by searching)
- Fix "last connection" is set to year one when saving a user
- Fix bug causing finished events to appeared as ongoing after reloading the UI.
- Fix case where template commands could not be saved
- Fix a case when the icons did not show up in the icon selector window
- Fix user should be logged out from UI when it is deleted (causing NotFoundException for each retry reconnect)
- Fix user should be removed from UI in all browser sessions and not only the one removing it
- Fix user is not logged out immediately when session is closed
- Fixed occasional InvalidConstraintException when changing the Column Header of Text/Icon notifier in the Event rule window
- Added missing error message when fail to close events due to insufficient rights.

- WebService Scripts: added description and phone number to user object

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.4295 Released: 2016-07-04
- Resizable columns for vehicle list, track list and other lists
Size is saved as part of the workspace
- New track storage format for improved read performance (For new tracks)
- User related data is pushed to the client browser in real-time
- Various performance improvements

- Sorting of table columns
- Fix Adding/Removing users from SiteAdmin roles did not behave as expected
- Fix mix up between "Last Seen" and "Last Connection" in marker attributes
- Fix too wide attribute labels. Now forces a line break on long address names
- Fix bug causing two events to be created under rare circumstances when using "Delayed event" + "Auto trigger"
- Fix performance problem related to Scripted Notifiers
- Fix site admin user search slow search

- Set custom field values from app scripts using: setCustomFieldValue()
- Exposed Expected Fuel Consumption in Scripted Events

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.4140 Released: 2016-05-23
User Search feature has been added to applications tab in SiteAdmin:
- Search for users in all applications or a specific application tag.
- Filter search to only show users that consumes licenses.
- Export result as a .csv file.

- Fix Imported geofences was not included in Geofence Geocoder and Geofence Events until service restarted
- Filter accumulator values from track point list
- Rare case when email was not properly delivered
- Fix Active Time accumulators could sometimes produce wrong/negative values
- Fix error when adding/removing a Web Service script from the App builder
- Fix issue displaying fat points when no position data exists
- Fixes slow loading of user form with lots of custom fields
- Fix map is being dragged along with map toolbar when using some maps (leaflet based)
- Various performance fixes

- Added [NEIGHBORHOOD] address component for reverse gocoding (Using Google)
- Reduced bandwidth usage for mobile and desktop UI
- Updated TimeZone information

- Added SetUserPassword to Directory SOAP service

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.4002 Released: 2016-04-25
* Modifying/Removing a View did not have any effect or did have unexpected effect
* Fix issue where newly added Geofences was not included in address lookup result when using Geofence geocoder
* Fix issue with email and sms notification using Offline expression having Microsoft SQL as database back end
* Fix "Cannot read property fitToHeight of undefined" error message at login (sometimes)
* Various optimization when using Driver ID login.
* Email Notifier Subject "preview" field was cleared when adding a second notifier
* Text Notifier Start and End field was cleared when adding a second notifier
* Fix HTML emails
* Improved handling of non ASCII SMS messages using HttpMessageProvider
* LanguageManager could fail if a "Based On Language" doesn't exist
* Fix incorrect distance calculation for trips in "trip view" when configured the "Trip Definition" with device variable.
* Fix calendar control sometimes picked wrong DATE FOR "today"
* Fix device type import. Devices using an imported type could get a different config for how device signals are handled.

* Quick registration for Android now use hostname instead of IP if available

* Addition of Geocoding to SOAP Directory Geocoder service.

* Fix bug related to disabled timer in App Builder

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.3896 Released: 2016-03-21
* Localization of values in marker attributes the same way as vehicle table.
- E.g., Ignition is now is now localized as "On" or "Off" (previously "True" or "False"), etc.
* Fix Delayed event having "Automatically trigger" enabled sometimes did not behave properly.
* Fix Custom fields value in reporting and event rules not returning the correct value if value is defined for the same user in several applications
* Fix IE compatibility mode for SiteAdmin
* Presentation section of Event Rule is now included when exporting
* Custom Field columns in vehicle list is now saved in workspace
* Fix signal value in vehicle list was not updated if position was invalid
* Fix EVENT_DURATION variable when having delayed event with "Automatically trigger" enabled
* Fix rare case when a closed event could be reopened
* Adding new Event Rule times out when having many roles (150+)
* Various performance and memory usage improvements

* Show instance name instead of device type when adding an unknown device in SiteAdmin -> Devices
* Migrated some of the core services to new service architecture

* WebServiceScript: allow to set response headers from script
* Scripted apps Read more:

* Added method to change username and name of user in directory SOAP Service

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.3755 Released: 2016-02-08
* Search in vehicle list also matches custom field values
* Optional include addresses in CSV export of track data

* Issue where track drawing would fail if multiple tracks are selected and 1 of them has no valid positions
* Error during template export will create an error file
* Fix case where Auto Reset Accumulators sometimes reset to a negative value
* Events was sometimes not properly loaded when log in or switching Views
* ScriptNotifier did not properly apply script on login
* Various fixes around synchronization of application templates
* Track Point graph: fixed issue where the graph, occasionally, will not fully render in Firefox
* Fix issues when having several devices attached to same user
* Added missing localization to accumulators
* Fix loading event panel when having several 1000s events
* Fix case where event arguments was not properly viewed in event panel
* Improved UI performance when having many event rules and users
* Localize Custom Fields in vehicle list (Yes/No)
* Fix CustomField when using Internet Explorer
* Fix invalid driver tracks was sometimes created when driver login information from tracker is delayed

* Added DEVICE_PHONE variable for Notifiers to resolve the phone number of the device
* Reduced memory usage

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.3676 Released: 2016-01-12
 Advanced KML export options first added in Archiving now available from track export in VehicleTracker too
 Scripting actions using click scripts when a user is added, edited or removed

 Marker Attributes: Attributes for selected vehicle is now always drawn on top
 Events: Sort available variables for Notifiers in Event Rule UI
 Events: Reload events at view change
 Driver: Case where driver tracks was not correct when driver been logged in on several vehicles
 Fixed an issue where browser would crash/freeze when using track graph zoom tool
 Fix "Manage columns" window showing code instead of track column text
 Various issues when importing templates
 Case where event marker was not removed from map when the event was closed
 Template Command: Fix validating "transport" in response
 Improved validation when creating or editing an Event Rule
 Fixed changing marker color from script notifier for vehicle without defined marker color

 Marker Attributes: Added "Status" field to available attributes
 Marker Attributes: Added _EditMarkerAttributes privilege, restrict access to marker attributes window
 Marker Attributes: Added "calculated speed" variable to marker attributes
 SOAP API: Added optional description to AddUserWithTemplate in Directory service
 CSV import of circulat geofences

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.3589 Released: 2015-12-04
Service release:
* Fix: Events not closed automatically under some circumstance
* Fix: tracks are not splitted at midnight under some circumstances

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.3571 Released: 2015-12-01
* Fix time filter value in advanced track filtering window when restored from workspace
* Fix events for users not in the current view was sometimes present in the event panel
* Fix Reduced font size of vehicle name on marker attributes
* Fix issue where marker attributes did not respect saved state of the workspace that was switched to
* Fix modifying a role or user did not reset privileges. e.g adding a new user caused "Missing _DeviceLogin" error
* Fix gap in bottom of various lists when panels are resized
* Fix UI performance problem when having many events (~10k per day)
* Fix vehicle list and map did not get updated under smoe circumstances

* Trackpoint graph: Save selected graph signals to workspace
* Added option to hide attributes with N/A value
* Added Deselect All Tracks button
* Can use Offline expression as ending condition

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.3522 Released: 2015-11-17
* Real-time UI feedback for events
* Address column in track point list. Enable _LiveAddressTrackPoints privilege
* Marker attributes:
- can now display data from mapped fields and vehicle data like DriverID, IMEI, Addres
- Option to only show marker attribute for the selected vehicle.
- Option to hide marker attributes when zooming outside specified zoom level.
* Odometer info to User Overview
* TrackPoint graph: Allow plotting of multiple variables at once
* UserImport of passwords
* Performance improvements

* Various translation keys added
* Command Tags: Select all commands checkbox did not select commands outside of the visible table area
* Auto-triggered delayed events could sometimes create multiple events
* Odometer Accumulator sometimes calculated large distance error when device odometer variable was missing
* Name and Username of vehicle was not updated in UI when changed
* Various UI bugs in Command panel
* Marker Attribute ignored Vehicle List filter
* Vehicle marker not loaded correctly in Multi Monitor windows
* Changing driver user properties (e.g: name) was not reflected in notifier variables
* Faulty message about updating Terminal plugin in SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Listeners
* Advanced track filter bug: No default filtering when VT application is started
* Fixed window opening issue when no Active workspace doesn't contain info about TrackPoint graph
* Fix export event rule with containing Tag Notifier

* Added Text3 and Text4 to TrackerOne

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.3336 Released: 2015-10-07
* Localization settings did not take effect after change sometimes caused by cached values was not properly retested.
* SMS providers Route Label configuration is kept for old SMS providers
* _ReadMessageField settings for roles was not included when creating application from template
* Command status in Command panel was not updated properly
* "Quick Registration" for Android tracker was checking wrong privilege

* Fatigue rules by scripting.
Read More:

* Filter trackpoints based on boolean variable. e.g: Ignition
Read More:

* Added Username to User Access Mask
* Link Scripts can be exported from context menu as importable template xml files

* Various improvements in Script Editor
* Click Script: Add a menu item to Vehicle right click menu and trigger a script
Read More:

* Added SetAccumulatorValue to Directory SOAP Kit WebService

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.3199 Released: 2015-09-08
* FIX: Object tree in ScriptEditor is sometimes not visible when using Firefox
* FIX: Cases where track distance could be way too long when using Odometer
* FIX: Accumulator performance when using ActiveTimeAccumulator and AutoResetAccumulator
* FIX: Added various missing translation phrases
* FIX: User Import made more robust
* FIX: Fix private workspace disappear after login if not having _UseSharedWorkspace privilege even though user having _EditPrivateWorkspace
* FIX: Various fixes exporting/importing event rules
* FIX: Variables in Driver tracks was sometimes not included at the start of the track
* Fix: Issue of false outside route geofence events
* FIX: Sort order of columns in "Status" panel is now saved in workspace
* FIX: Error when synchronization applications having Icon Categories
* FIX: Don't show values of variables in vehicle list if no longer mapped
* FIX: Command tags now properly applies to commands in mobile

* Geofences and geofence tags now allows role based access.

* log() in event scripts can now log to file like click and web service scripts.
Note! Only use when debugging since logging affects performance of the script.
To enable:
NLog.config *for NMEA service* should contain:
- under <targets>:
<target name="TARGET_NAME" xsi:type="File" fileName="FILE_NAME" layout="${longdate} | ${message}"/>

- under <rules>:
<logger name="NAME_OF_EVENT_RULE" minlevel="Info" writeTo="TARGET_NAME"/>

* Performance improvements: User and Accumulator data is now written in batch mode for faster sequential writes

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.3102 Released: 2015-08-11
* FEATURE: New feature Command Tags:
- Command Tags are used to limit roles access to commands.
- A command can belong to one or many command tags.
- Management of command tags is done via Admin > Command Tags

* FEATURE: Export geofences from within VehicleTracker

* FIX: resolving of dynamically added variables through ScriptExpression when using variable functions (START,END,MIN etc)
* FIX: UI binding error when editing a user while having the "Edit User" form open for another user
* FIX: Now support several CommandNotifiers pointing to same server
* FIX: Importing an event rule did not update the rule under some circumstances
* FIX: Various improvements around import/export/sync application templates
* FIX: Improved track filtering
* FIX: Possible to translate mobile phrases using Localization tool in VehicleTracker
* FIX: Unintentional auto-logout occurred in a rare scenario
* FIX: Unable to set user icon when using UserAccessMask

* Added _ManageColumns privilege under Workspaces to control access of which columns that are available in a workspace.
* Added option to select 14, 21 and 28 days check for Offline Expression

* Added "getCustomFieldValue(strLabel)" for scripted event expressions

* Geofence management through SOAP WebServices

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.3012 Released: 2015-07-13
* FEATURE: Email and SMS self notifiers allows to send a notification to the user who caused an event
* FEATURE: Password expire
- Specify number of days passwords are valid for users in an application. The user will be prompted to set a new password when it has expired.
- Password expire is enabled per application under SiteAdmin -> Application -> Properties (default off)

* FEATURE: Export/Import event rules from within vehicle tracker
* FEATURE: Added $FINAL() variable function to resolve the value of a variable for the message ending an event

* FIX: Auto Reset Accumulator
- Added a Gap Reset (Reset accumulator if the gap between two received messages is longer than some time)

* FIX: Various missing translations added
* FIX: Application quota settings better validation
* FIX: Driver track distance calculations uses same method as the vehicle which the driver is loged on to
* FIX: Various UX improvements for SMS & Email providers
* FIX: Rare case causing device data to be blocked after restarting NMEA Service
* FIX: More informative error messages when fail to import application templates
* FIX: Speed set to zero for stay points
* FIX: "Cannot find column X" and "Column 'name' does not belong to table device_def_gate_command" when editing a user
* FIX: Various improvements for application template export/import
* FIX: Sometimes a "EX_FILLEXCEPTION" error was displayed when updating geofences
* FIX: Context menu when using Mac OS-X
* FIX: Sometimes Template Command kept failing after editing steps.

- Exposed geofence for script expression
- Exposed directory.getLatestAccumulatorValues in web service script

- Able to edit the Description field on template commands in SiteAdmin Commands page

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.2857 Released: 2015-06-02
* FEATURE: Copy device mappers from VehicleTracker application into site admin to be reused in other applications.

* PERFORMANCE: Improved performance for processing incoming data
* PERFORMANCE: Reduced data storage by around 20% on a typical server

* FIX: Localization of month and day names in calendar
* FIX: Better variable resolution for Active Time Accumulators in Event notifiers
* FIX: Active directory login improvements
* FIX: Localization tool stability improved
* FIX: Listing scripted variable values for drivers in track point list
* FIX: Trouble saving large device mapper scripts running Microsoft SQL database
* FIX: Odometer data recording when using "direct odometer" and device sends new value less than recorded
* FIX: Delay event + auto trigger issues
* FIX: User icons were not shown/saved in User Access Mask editor
* FIX: Only show mapped variables in graph
* FIX: Allow fraction of minutes in EventRule "Delayed event"

* Commands:
Added search functionality to commands panel
Filters applied to Vehicle panel now changes what is shown in command panel. "Show only this" can be used to show commands for one vehicle for example. Works with tags, buckets etc.
Added toolbar option to change the number "ended" commands to show.
Made submenu in context menu scrollable (for users with lots of commands)
Pending and Ended sections in command panel is now expandable/collapsable
Command sorting (right click vehicle menu)

* MISC: Increased max allowed size for polygon geofences
* MISC: Added Cell ID signals to TrackerOne device

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.2746 Released: 2015-05-05
* OPTIMIZATION: Overall memory usage reduced

* FEATURE: Template Commands can be configured to be "Queueable"

* FIX: Localization for command control
* FIX: Template Commands will now continue retry when failing as a consequence of that the device was offline if the "retry timeout" + "Retry Step" for the step is configured
* FIX: Command control performance fixes
* FIX: Selected workspace, view and map is now persistent when switching between applications with same user
* FIX: Issue with non admin users seeing admin only commands in the vehicles context menu
* FIX: Optimization and performance fixes recording Accumulator data
* FIX: "Auto Allow new Items" Role settings was not considered for _ReadEventRule privilege
* FIX: Odometer setting in device mapper when having multiple input variables was not reflected correctly in UI
* FIX: TimeZone information updated
* FIX: Redirect to the specified Logout URL when session expires
* FIX: Don't show "Session Expired" message when logging out

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.2638 Released: 2015-04-08
* FEATURE: Command Control redesigned.
Read more:

* FEATURE: We are introducing Links, a new framework for connecting vehicles with items or users though time.
Read more:

* FEATURE: Option to trigger Event rule with delay condition when the delay time has elapsed

* FEATURE: Single Sign-On support through Active Directory
Read More:

* FEATURE: Custom field is available in device mapper scripting

* MISC: Added "Last valid position timestamp" event rule variable

* FIX: Improved track distance calculation using when using device odometer
* FIX: Error when selecting a new Event Rule for edit when having another one already open
* FIX: SMS provider routing, fix phone number input.
* FIX: Email and SMS provider routing various UI fixes.
* FIX: Application Tag UI when OS X
* FIX: Creating circular geofences with radius less than 1nm
* FIX: UI fixes for date time picker
* FIX: Performance fixes when using device mapper scripting
* FIX: Notes can be opened from windows menu
* FIX: Localize accumulator names in Vehicle List
* FIX: Accumulator were not properly disabled when creating new users and switching user type
* FIX: Case when a disabled panel plugin still was visible in the 'view' menu selector
* FIX: Case when a workspace was re-saved with a disabled plugin didn't trigger a widget start when enabled again
* FIX: General performance improvements in database connection handling
* FIX: Report menu is scrollable when longer than fit the window height
* FIX: Issue when NMEA Service could unexpectedly stop

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.2465 Released: 2015-03-03
* FEATURE: Email routing.
Read More:

* FIX: UI issue when using chrome in Admin -> Localization
* FIX: geocoding custom address resolving issues
* FIX: Sms provider UX fixes
* FIX: Event performance having many open events
* FIX: Miscellaneous UI/UX fixes
* FIX: Switching Google key settings did not affect geocoding
* FIX: Documentation in script editor improved
* FIX: Ordering of columns in vehicle list was not properly restored sometime
* FIX: Quick Registration for Android Wifi Only will now auto register (no need to fill in App ID)

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.2351 Released: 2015-02-09
* FEATURE: Application management in SiteAdmin can be controlled by privileges on Application Tag level
* FEATURE: sms routing based on phone number and application tag

* FIX: User Import can now import drivers
* FIX: User Import maintain odometer settings
* FIX: Scripted webservices returned 404 in some environments
* FIX: Odometer calculation error when adding new
* FIX: Object browser in script editor could be empty in the script editor in some cases
* FIX: Various issues in Command tab
* FIX: Performance issues having device user in several applications
* FIX: Various localization and translation fixes
* FIX: Signals in status panel was merged when having same translated name
* FIX: Status panel not showing all scripted signals
* FIX: Error when sending text signal longer than 255 characters

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.2190 Released: 2015-01-13
* FEATURE: Batch Add/Remove Tags and Roles to/from users
* FIX: Event Panel randomly failed to load argument columns
* FIX: Export of applications to CSV in SiteAdmin fix for Firefox
* FIX: Settings not updated in UI when synchronizing application or performing a batchedit operation
* FIX: Track Point Graph performance improvments
* FIX: Use user name instead of track name in Track Point Graph
* FIX: Track Point info window did not load when user is not part of the current view
* FIX: Draw Tracks from Event panel failed when time bounds of Event was within the same minute
* FIX: Increased timeout for sending e-mail to allow larger attachments such as reports
* FIX: KML Feed now localize values
* FIX: Could not save "large" workspace
* FIX: CommandNotifier could under some circumstances make EventRule form not to load properly
* FIX: Increased number of points allowed in polygon geofence
* FIX: Various fixes importing geofences
* FIX: UTF-8 characters support for event arguments and workspace content
* FIX: Custom field sortable in vehicle list

* DEVELOPER: Added RemoveUser SOAP method
* DEVELOPER: WebService Scripting methods added:
- directory.getUsers() : array of GateUserExposable
- JSON.stringify(obj) and JSON.parse(str) that allow to easily return JSON response and parse JSON parameters from request.
- tags.getTags() : array of UserTagExposable
- tags.getTagByName(strName) : UserTagExposable
- tags.updateUsers(iTagId, arrUserIDsToRemove, arrUserIDsToAdd) : UserTagExposable
- geo.reverseGeocode(lat, lng): LocationExposable

* FEATURE: pin/unpin
* FIX: Fixed issue with race condition during notes pulling
* FIX: UTF-8 character support

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.2086 Released: 2014-12-10
* FEATURE: Android Client Quick Registration without SMS.
* FEATURE: Edit Application page in Site Admin collapsable sections for better overview
* FEATURE: SMS/Email notification quota (
* FEATURE: Added GMT offset to timezone name
* FEATURE: ASSIGNED_VEHICLE_NAME, ASSIGNED_VEHICLE_USERNAME etc added to be able to resolve vehicle information when event rule is runned for a driver.
* FEATURE: CSV export of application list
* FEATURE: Unbranded Android Client (

* FIX: Command queue stability improvments
* FIX: Various display bugs for firefox
* FIX: No Events are listed in "Live Mode" of event panel when using Internet Explorer
* FIX: New Custom Fields could not be selected as event variables.
* FIX: Various EventRule template synchronization issues
* FIX: Saving an EventRule with text notifier will no longer reset value in other applications having notifier with same column name
* FIX: Various problems with Offline expression
* FIX: Various issues when synchronizing templates containing Custom Fields
* FIX: Track Point list do no longer filter track points having same time stamp
* FIX: Error in Application Tag section in Site Admin when using .NET 4.0 with IIS 8.5

* DEVELOPER: context.user.isDriver, context.driver, context.vehicle added to ScriptExpression
* DEVELOPER: Updated JSON and SOAP API for AddDevice and EditDevice

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.1981 Released: 2014-11-11
* FEATURE: Notes. Read more:

* FIX: Incorrect Email validation
* FIX: Importing a device type having meta fields defined
* FIX: Activity logging when the IP address of the client changes
* FIX: Column selector in vehicle list fixed
* FIX: Problems related to using date and time functions when scripting device outputs
* FIX: Removing custom icon for a user now works
* FIX: Stability improvements for database connection handling when having many trackers on-line

* OPTIMIZATION: Event handling when having many open events

* NOTE IE8 no longer supported.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.1856 Released: 2014-10-14
* FEATURE: Variables in vehicle list read more:
* FEATURE: Batch edit custom fields

* FIX: Various fixes in templating when synchronize, import and export applications
* FIX: Editing Event Rule generated error when name of expressions where translated
* FIX: shared workspace could not be deleted when importing it from a template

* OPTIMIZATION: Performance when having many events in the event panel

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.1736 Released: 2014-09-16
* FIX: Driver ID, concurrent login problem
* FIX: Updated TimeZone information
* FIX: Route Geofence performance
* FIX: Smartlabels
* FIX: Track Recorder now also saves a track point on a speed change of 10 kph by default.

* OPTIMIZATION: Script notifier performance

* DEVELOPER: Web Service Scripting

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.1614 Released: 2014-08-13
* FIX: NullReferenceException when consuming SOAP services. Issue introduced in v4.0.0.1608
* FIX: 0 accumulator values displayed as '-' in vehicle list.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.1608 Released: 2014-08-12

* FEATURE: Added a new custom field type: Number
* FEATURE: There is a new option under advanced settings of template command step editor. On timeout: cancel command, skip step or retry step x times
* FEATURE: Added "Use device odometer" option to batch edit of users.
* FEATURE: Added Accumulators to User Type
* FEATURE: Auto-logout (no mouse move or key press) in VehicleTracker. Default disabled.

* DEVELOPER: Script Notifier, now works without making events visible in event list.
* DEVELOPER: Script Notifier, added a new function Map.setMarkerColor([string])

* OPTIMIZATION: Device Mapper editor much faster. Search box for inputs added.
* OPTIMIZATION: Route Geofence event rules optimized.
* OPTIMIZATION: Offline expression much faster. (Can increase the transaction rate by up to 10%).

* FIX: Improved handling of _ReadMessageField in Templates
* FIX: SMS SpamBlock should now work properly.
* FIX: Geofence Tags fix: Geofence Expressions does not work if "Use in geocoder" is turned off for Geofence Tag
* FIX: Google Maps links in Event Rule Email/SMS Notifiers should now work again.
* FIX: Add Unknown Device bug introduced in v4.0.0.1376 fixed.
* FIX: Route Geofence event rules optimized.
* FIX: Export from Track Points panel: don't export invalid positions to KML.
* FIX: Accumulator columns in vehicle list is merged by name and type to avoid separate columns for all accumulator instances in an "overview application"
* FIX: Error message when log in to an expired application.
* FIX: Flush profiling logs on service stop.
* FIX: Address column in event list (reverse geocoding).

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.1376 Released: 2014-07-09

* FEATURE: Spam Block
* FEATURE: Added URL login Usage:
* FEATURE: New "Use Device Odometer" option to link Server _Odometer value directly to Device OdometerAcc value.
* FEATURE: Geofence Tags can be selected to not be included in geocoder.

* DEVELOPER: Script Notifiers
* DEVELOPER: Click Scripts
* DEVELOPER: <user>.getTags() added to Script Expression API.

* FIX: Template import improved
* FIX: OneShot events not closed when "Closed automatically when finished" is selected
* FIX: All exceptions in AddGeofence and EditGeofence were always casted to POLYGON_SELFINTERSECTING exception
* FIX: SiteAdmin Roles: fixed 'user-created role cannot start with _' validation
* FIX: Access Mask was filtered out if the logged in user did not have _EditUsers privilege for all roles specified in the Access Mask.
* FIX: Uncaught exception in Privilege class for uninstalled plugins that introduce new privileges.
* FIX: Templating for Icon Library fixed.
* FIX: Accumulator values can now be viewed for a user in all applications the user is a member of and not just the application where the accumulator is created.
* FIX: Emulating Speed record for Drivers.
* FIX: ArgumentNotifier control to limit the argument name input to 16 chars
* FIX: Accumulators in Vehicle lists: Fix bug where the displayed time could be negative: -1h00m
* FIX: Message Field entries under Role -> Privileges -> _ReadMessageFields are now included in application template

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.1187 Released: 2014-06-09

* FEATURE: SiteAdmin Privileges
* FEATURE: Route Geofences.

* DEVELOPER: Support for multiple active events. Set Notifier variables from script.
* DEVELOPER: Max script length and execution steps can be configured. Contact support for more info.

* FIX: Fixed issue in Device Mapper with duplicated device names
* FIX: Localized signal names in graphs
* FIX: Bug causing device definition resets track filter back to default on upgrade
* FIX: Updated the Device Mapper form in SiteAdmin to improve the loading time of devices
* FIX: Can edit variables with non-existing units (some old locale keys).
* FIX: Icons will now be synchronized along with the application template.
* FIX: localization of variables in email and SMS notifiers
* FIX: Unable to resolve mapped variables that have space character (e.g. Fuel Level)
* FIX: Localized Expression types in Event Rules

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.1040 Released: 2014-05-08

* FEATURE: List tracks as trips.
* FEATURE: Added _DeleteUser and _CreateUser privileges
* FEATURE: Edit User Mask
* FEATURE: Accumulator with reset
* FEATURE: Can batch add/remove accumulators to users (needs _BatchEditUser and _EditAccumulatorType privileges).
* FEATURE: Accumulator values can be added to vehcile list.
* FEATURE: You can now set a minimum idle time for Trip Definition. (Admin -> Device Mapper -> Trip Definition)
* FEATURE: Added "7 days" option to Offline Expression

* FIX: In Vehicle Tracker UI, in "Vehicles" list, custom field values won't get updates automatically when they are modified by SOAP web service.
* FIX: Custom Variable management (SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Variables) now works better.
* FIX: Copy device mappers to application from SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Types now works better.
* FIX: _UseSingleLogin now works better when user is member of multiple apps.
* FIX: Event rules with offline expression giving wrong start time.
* FIX: Less "Internal Server Error" in user interface when server is under load.
* FIX: Various permission errors when editing users.
* FIX: Trips reader fro Drivers which could affect Driver's Journal.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.822 Released: 2014-04-07

* FEATURE: Custom GpsGate Variable can now be assigned a unit. See SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Variables
* FEATURE: Unified Speed. Speed can now be modified using Device Mapper Scripting. Same speed value is used everywhere automatically.
* FEATURE: Variable Overloading. Any GpsGate Variable can be modified (overloaded) using Device Mapper Scripting.
* FEATURE: Trip Definition. Set any input from the device (e.g. Ignition) or a Device Mapper Script to define what is a trip and what is idle.
* FEATURE: GpsGate Variables can be Exported/Imported. Export under SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Variables. Import under SiteAdmin -> Import.

* SECURITY: _UseSingleLogin privilege added. If enabled, only one user can be logged in per username at the same time.

* FIX: Address column could stop updating in vehicle list.
* FIX: Text Notifiers sometimes stopped working.
* FIX: Fixed issue where the "Event Status" in user Overview didn't always display the correct status
* FIX: Smart Labels (non-overlapping) feature runs correctly again.
* FIX: Merge with user_import: fixed a null reference error when importing batch users
* FIX: _EditSessions now works again.
* FIX: "City Drive" track filter added.
* FIX: Device Mapper Scripting window can now open properly again. (Bug introduced in v4.0.0.680)

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.695 Released: 2014-03-20
* FIX: Problem with Mobile should now be resolved.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.680 Released: 2014-03-19

* FEATURE: Batch Edit of Privileges in Roles
* FEATURE: Marker sizes can now be selected for workspaces under Workspace -> Workspace Settings
* FEATURE: Dock Windows to Panels and back. Save windows in Workspace.
* FEATURE: Batch Import Users Import batch of users/devices to an application from a CSV file.
* FEATURE: Smart Labels (non-overlapping)

* FIX: Vehicle list now updates when there is a search filter e.g. Bucket selected.
* FIX: Altitude no longer zero in FatPoints.
* FIX: MSSQL issue when removing application.
* FIX: Customized Event Rules in Eco Report no longer overwritten on updates.
* FIX: Prevent event rule to be saved multiple times (concurrently) by hitting save button fast
* FIX: User's name now displayed in Track list (and not username).
* FIX: Bug causing events to be created and immediately closed if having "Finish events automatically when outside schedule" enabled for event rule
* FIX: Localized variables in Signals Graphs
* FIX: Custom Fields can be saved with changed order in vehcile list.

For developers:
* FEATURE: TrackPoint can be accessed in Device Mapper scripts
* FEATURE: Tags can be accessed in Event Rule Scripts (Script Expressions).
* FEATURE: EditUserCustomFieldValue service function under GpsGate.CustomFields (URL: /Services/CustomFields.asmx)

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.422 Released: 2014-02-06
* FEATURE: Signal Graphs
* FEATURE: Added nonLinear() in device mapper scripts.
* FEATURE: Accumulators can be used in Event Rules and Reports
* FEATURE: _EditUsername privilege allowing user changing username.
* FEATURE: Added SOAP method for setting user marker color: DirectoryService/SetUserMarkerColor. See "SOAP Platform Kit" for more info:

* FIX: Fix UI synchronization when disable event rule in UI (that was saved as visible in the workspace)
* FIX: Added close time stamp to events
* FIX: DriverID works for scripting
* FIX: Email length extended to 128 chars
* FIX: Issues when saving Device Types in SiteAdmin
* FIX: Issues with localization privileges.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.262 Released: 2014-01-07
* FIX: Message Fields settings now works in Application Template.
* FIX: Custom Fields works better in reports.
* FIX: Min/Max/First/Last variables in email and sms notifier
* FIX: Workspace repair. fixes case that could happen when upgrading a v3 WS to v4, causing blank tabs.

.0.0.214 Released: 2013-12-16
* FEATURE: Script Expressions
* FEATURE: Localization Editor
* FEATURE: SOAP method to get _Odometer value.
* FIX: View and Maps is now remembered (again) between user sessions.
* FIX: Hidden Event Rules won't show in Time Line.
* FIX: Application Templates with deleted geofences now works.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.159 Released: 2013-12-02
* FIX: Current View now saved properly for user to next login.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.121 Released: 2013-11-29
* FEATURE: Buckets.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.117 Released: 2013-11-28
* FIX: Problem when adding Command Notifier.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.104 Released: 2013-11-27
* FIX: Vehicle selected when event is selected.


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