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ChangeLog: Camera

Posted: Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:26 pm
by johan

This plugin enables you to take a picture using camera attached to a device.

Full documentation here

Steps to Install
1. Login to SiteAdmin
2. Go to "Plugins". Go to "Get More Plugins"
3. Install "Camera".

Release history

Camera build 3664 Released: 2019-12-12
Compatibility release

Camera build 3490 Released: 2019-10-17
- Compatibility release.

Camera build 3033 Released: 2019-05-16
- Fixed Camera icon in the vehicle list

Camera v5.0.0.2460 Released: 2018-11-15
- Uses service RPC commands for better performance and stability.

Camera v5.0.0.2029 Released: 2018-08-17
- Fixed the case when picture name already exists for the device exception happening and
device keeps on resending the same data over and over, first time reject message, second time ACK back to the device and log error on the terminal

Camera v5.0.0.1144 Released: 2018-01-16
- Vehicle list can be sorted by Camera status.
- Clicking on a picture will center map on its coordinates.

Camera v5.0.0.737 Released: 2017-11-15
- Fix: Pictures could get wrong date stamp.

Camera v4.0.0.4784 Released: 2016-11-24
- Compatibility fixes for new vehicle table
- Performance fixes when having many pictures

Camera v4.0.0.4596 Released: 2016-10-11
- Handling compatibility for changed picture handling

Camera v4.0.0.4415 Released: 2016-09-13
- Fix: position of picture markers became incorrect when moving the map.

Camera v4.0.0.4387 Released: 2016-08-10
- Fixed missing scrollbar in pictures window

Camera v4.0.0.4222 Released: 2016-07-04
- Support for pulling images from FTP account and imports them.

Camera v4.0.0.3256 Released: 2015-10-07
* Added option for shorter camera data cleanup interval setting

Camera v4.0.0.2656 Released: 2015-05-05
* FIX: Performance fixes when having many pictures
* FIX: Cleanup picture data when removing user

Camera v4.0.0.1443 Released: 2014-07-21
* FIX: Do not fail when the tracker re-sends the last picture packet.

Camera v4.0.0.291 Released: 2014-02-06
* Minor improvements on error logging.

Camera v3.1.0.5318 Released: 2013-10-16
* Initial release.


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Re: ChangeLog: Camera

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 2:56 pm
by johan
Camera build 3664 Released: 2019-12-12