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ChangeLog: AreaSearch

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2012 6:30 pm
by johan
Updates and bug fixes for AreaSearch Plugin

This plugin enables you to draw a rectangle on the map and search the track data history for any vehicles that were present in the area during a given time span.

More info:

Release history

AreaSearch build 3727 Released: 2019-12-12
- Area Search works again.
- Area Search "Draw Tracks" works.
- Area Search performance improvement.

AreaSearch build 3586 Released: 2019-11-14
Compatibility release.

AreaSearch build 3475 Released: 2019-10-17
- Compatibility release.

AreaSearch build 2829 Released: 2019-03-14
- Fixed 'No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it' error

AreaSearch v5.0.0.2412 Released: 2018-11-15
Compatibility release.

Area Search v5.0.0.2110 Released: 2018-09-10
- Compatible with August Release

Area Search v5.0.0.1885 Released: 2018-07-19
- Map toolbar plugins now use new style icons for better looks.
- Fixed area search could get stuck if pressing ESC before zooming.

Area Search v5.0.0.1405 Released: 2018-03-15
- Enable exporting of an area search result only after a search is performed

AreaSearch v5.0.0.934 Released: 2018-01-16
- Added two columns to the CSV export file for exporting "entered at" and "left at" fields in local times
- "Draw full track"
- Saving table control's state in workspaces

AreaSearch v5.0.0.765 Released: 2017-11-15
User experiance:
- First batch of UI updates to modernize the look of VehicleTracker. New buttons and a more 'flat' looking interface.

AreaSearch v4.0.0.5417 Released: 2017-06-05
- Security improvements. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.
- Fix: Privilege issue when executing search.

AreaSearch v4.0.0.5290 Released: 2017-04-26
- Fix: "No response from server" error.

AreaSearch v4.0.0.4484 Released: 2016-09-13
- Fix when having event rule acting on scripted variables

AreaSearch v4.0.0.4311 Released: 2016-08-10
- Export Area Search result lis

- Area search lists users that are not allowed to see

AreaSearch v4.0.0.4287 Released: 2016-07-04
- Support all maps
- Fix UI glitches

AreaSearch v. Released 2014-06-23
- FIX: AreaSearch now considers _ReadEventRule privilege

AreaSearch v. Released 2013-05-13
- FIX: AreaSearch icon will now stay in tool bar when changing work space.

AreaSearch v. Released 2013-05-03
- FIX: Opens search windows in correct size.

AreaSearch v. Released 2012-09-25
- Use Event Rules to search for historical events for a specific area + time + view.

AreaSearch v. Released 2012-09-18
- Works better in IE.
- To and from date is now used correctly in search independent on browser localization.

AreaSearch v. Released 2012-09-14
- Initial release.


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Re: ChangeLog: AreaSearch

Posted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 2:32 pm
by johan
AreaSearch build 3727 Released: 2019-12-12