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ChangeLog: Cypress

Posted: Sun Apr 22, 2012 8:58 pm
by johan
Patches and bug fixes for Cypress Plugin

Upgrade from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

More info on Cypress Plugin:

Release history

Cypress v5.0.0.3401 Released: 2019-09-13
added 'VEH_ODOMETER" for CTM-One device

Cypress v5.0.0.2979 Released: 2019-04-15
fix out of range exception in PCYP reprots

Cypress v5.0.0.2793 Released: 2019-01-07
- added PGPS_AdditionalData

Cypress v5.0.0.2656 Released: 2019-01-02
- fix position validation by 'flags' field from PCYP message

Cypress v5.0.0.2579 Released: 2018-12-07
- concatenate all PCYP sentences in the datagram to one variable

Cypress v5.0.0.2277 Released: 2018-10-11
* show Error message in terminal and keep the connection with the device when data could not be parsed

Cypress v5.0.0.2047 Released: 2018-08-24
* support for CTM-One device

Cypress v5.0.0.1333 Released: 2018-02-19
* Support for TCP/IP.

Cypress v5.0.0.1049 Released: 2018-01-15
* Reverted: Buffered messages with invalid position data will no longer be processed.
* Remove Odometer from historical invalid reports.

Cypress v5.0.0.800 Released: 2017-11-08
* Improved UDP pooling.

Cypress v4.0.0.3683 Released: 2016-01-15
* Skipping corrupt $PGPS sentences.

Cypress v4.0.0.3679 Released: 2016-01-13
* Improved checksum check.
* Buffered messages with invalid position data will no longer be processed.

Cypress v4.0.0.2990 Released: 2015-07-07
Fix: improved handling of invalid current messages
(CASE: Very old messages could flood the latest track due to timestamp replace mechanism.
Now we will ignore those messages if they are older than latest and now-24hours)

Cypress v4.0.0.2966 Released: 2015-07-03
* Support for protocol level ACK
* Added support for TCP connection pooling

Cypress v4.0.0.2934 Released: 2015-06-17
* Improved saving of last known IP address for device

Cypress v4.0.0.2711 Released: 2015-04-21
* p216_OdometerAcc added.

Cypress v4.0.0.2148 Released: 2014-12-30
* $PGRT now parsing speed and heading correctly.

Cypress v4.0.0.2068 Released: 2014-12-02
* Added support for $PLACCEL

Cypress v4.0.0.2016 Released: 2014-11-14
* $PEVENT can now set Ignition input.

Cypress v4.0.0.1467 Released: 2014-07-24
* VIN and DriverID_Valid added as inputs

Cypress v4.0.0.1461 Released: 2014-07-23
* POUTD added.

Cypress v4.0.0.941 Released: 2014-04-22
* ValidFlag set to be saved with each message.

Cypress v4.0.0.796 Released: 2014-03-28
* Added p52Double, p76Double, p77Double, p78Double, p79Double, p90Double

Cypress v4.0.0.634 Released: 2014-03-13
* Added more inputs to CTM-200 R2 device mapper.

Cypress v4.0.0.375 Released: 2014-01-24
* Added device type CTM-200 R2

Cypress v3.1.0.5001 Released: 2013-08-12
* Improved usage of Device Odometer inside Fat Points.

Cypress v3.1.0.4980 Released: 2013-08-02
* Added support for $PAID DriverID

Cypress v3.0.0.3393 Released: 2012-04-25
* DataTx, DataRx, p216, p217, p218 and p219 added as signals.

Cypress v3.0.0.3387 Released: 2012-04-22
* $PFUEL, $PFUELR, $PIDLE, $PEVENT, $PGRT support added.


GpsGate Support

Re: ChangeLog: Cypress

Posted: Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:39 pm
by johan
Cypress v5.0.0.3401 Released: 2019-09-13