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ChangeLog: Patch.3275

Tue Jan 31, 2012 7:11 pm

ChangeLog: Patch.3275

NOTE!! Replaced by Core

2012-10-09 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3575
- FIX: POIs displayed in wrong place before map is panned using custom maps. Problem is now fixed.
- FIX: Saving some more complicated Live Events. Problem fixed.

2012-10-07 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3574
- Improved Track Recorder for turning vehicles. More info: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15055
- More clever storage which saves DB storage and CPU.

If you use Teltonika, it is recommended that you upgrade the Teltonika Plugin as well.

2012-10-05 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3572
- Fixed minor issue with time picker.

2012-10-04 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3569
- Live address will no longer display "..." when resolving the next address, instead the old address will be shown in italic.

2012-09-20 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3561

This update includes many improvements for servers that sometimes experience "Waiting for free connection" error messages.

- The user interface is now more stable when the server is under high load.
- You will in general see less "waiting for a free connection". All core functions are more stable during high load.
- The server will recover much faster after peek loads.

Some of the improvements takes up to 24 hours to activate after installation of this update. Please also update the plugins for Cleanup, Terminal, Meitrack, Teltonika and WondeProud, if you use them, for best effect.

2012-09-14 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3558
- FIX: "Close All" also closes all alerts in the "ALARM" channel.
- FIX: Users without "_EditTrack can now see map again.
- Writes less logs when there are performance issues.

2012-09-12 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3548
- Bug that changed the columns in the vehicle list is fixed.
- The privilege _LiveAddress must be enabled for the application and role to enable real time address in Map View.
- The Alarm "Close All" button now actually closes all alarms and not only the first 100 displayed on the map.

More info on address in Map View:

2012-09-07 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3536
- Some layout fixes.

2012-09-06 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3535
- You can now include an address column in Vehicle List which does not require an event rule + text notifier. Geocoding only done when user is logged in. This will save you a lot of geocoding requests!
- Address is now displayed in Vehicle Info tab.
- Address is now displayed when selecting a track point in track history.
- Address is now displayed for alarms.

- It is now possible to change the order of columns in all list controls. More info:

- Binary Template commands now works again (fixes minor issue introduced in v3.0.0.3505). And hex codes are no longer case sensitive.

2012-08-31 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3520
- The schema in the Event Rules Wizard Step 3 now updates properly when editing the event rule.
- Variable handling in Live Event Rules are now identical to reporting and track history.
- Last administrator can now be deleted from VT application.

2012-08-28 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3514
- The fix in v3.0.0.3513 should now work.

2012-08-27 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3513
- Emails with now supports attachments with names containing non ASCII characters. E.g. sending report CSV with UTF-8 characters.

2012-08-24 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3511
- Better throughput of transactions on a server with high load.
- FIX: Deletion of tracks only logged as User Action when a person did delete it (not when part of deleting a user or part of Cleanup). More meta info for deleted Track in User Action.

2012-08-21 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3508
- FIX: Bug when displaying tracks using MSSQL 2005. Bug introduced in v3.0.0.3503

2012-08-17 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3505
- Template Commands over email will now have command in both subject and message body.
- FIX: Less likely to get an error when using admin pages.
- FIX: Template Commands over email now supports UTF-8

2012-08-15 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3503
- Track display and report processing much faster on large MSSQL installation.
- Events with a schedule (e.g. working hours) can now be set to turn false automatically when schedule ends. (see step 3 in event rule wizard.)
- Command._ExecuteSpecialCommandAll, Commnand._ResetCommandQueue and Command._ExecuteCommandAll can now be used to set which Role can execute which commands.

2012-07-23 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3486
- No more "AppGateway" drop down for end users, when you have a shared overview application with all users included + separate applications for each user.

2012-07-20 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3485
- Fix: "Driver name" now works again in Event Rule reporting mode for the Driver Expression rule. Fixes issue introduced in v3.0.0.3473

2012-07-11 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3478
- Improvements of the map drawing API:s used by "Map Measure Tool".

2012-07-05 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3473
- "Driver name" and "Driver login ID" can now be included in live notifications. E.g. an email alarm can contain both vehicle name and driver name.
- Fixes for custom maps, which has disabled clustering.

2012-06-29 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3466
- Plugins can now add their own measure keys to an existing measurement table (i.e Metric, Nautic).
- Geofence ID is available for System Queries (reports) and Event Rules (as Argument).
- Improved map toolbar, reordering of buttons and support for tool-plugins.
- When changing view to a single vehicle, map is now zoomed into street level

2012-06-21 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3453
- GpsGate TrackerOne protocol no longer require checksum over TCP/UDP
- Template Commands now support UTF-8 (e.g non ASCII charachters for customized chat).
- "On-connect" commands with empty first step, will now test if a TCP session is opened and try that. If not open it will wait for next session.
- Multistep Template Commands alias now works better, e.g. to make alias for _SendChatText with ACK over TCP.

2012-06-15 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3449
- bugfix for combination of the OneMap map plugin and new map toolbar.

2012-06-14 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3448
- The map toolbar now works for all maps
- Drivers can now stay logged in over midnight (option)
- Fix: _ChangeLocalization, _ChangeTrackVisualization now works properly
- Fix: Users added in SiteAdmin to an applications are now only listed in SiteAdmin if member of the _Administrator role.
- Fix: Some application template issues fixed
- Fix: Optimizations for large servers.
- Fix: Map View is faster in IE.

2012-06-01 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3433
- Fix Google map URL in e-mail and sms
- Add functionality to integrate report in vehicle tracker map view (e.g: Draw trip from report in the map view)

2012-05-30 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3425
- Performance improvements for IE6, IE7 and IE8.

2012-05-17 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3422
- Tracks processing faster.
- Possible to handle SiteAdmin -> Service -> Providers with same name.
- Google Maps URL can now be set. E.g. for https use or local Google Maps domains for Russia and China. (Contact support for instructions).

2012-05-15 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3420
- Login "button" from site admin now works in IE <= v8.0
- Marker clustering on custom maps fixed
- Track processing stability improvements
- Fixed issue with geofences when application is removed (affected report processing, event rules and geocoding)

2012-05-11 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3417
- Now Geofence control should work.
- Fix for IE.
- Non-linear expression can contain "null" A:B#null to keep old value for input range A to B.

2012-05-10 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3414
- Clustering of alarms added
- Geofence editor bug fixes
- Application template support for applications including CommandNotifier
- '_EditGateEvent' privilege added to allow/disallow users from closing alarms
- Added support to send Email and SMS notifications when event starts, ends or both

2012-05-05 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3408
- Deleting users or applications with which had update rates faster than 10 seconds could crash NMEA Service. This is now fixed.
- Some cases of using more than 1000 geofences could stall a busy server. This is now fixed.

2012-05-03 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3407
- Various bug fixes in "Command" notifier.
- Fixed a save bug in Command editor (SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Commands).

2012-04-27 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3403
- Quick Draw! Right click on Vehicle in list or on map to draw today's track.

2012-04-23 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3398
- Can now delete user/device that has commands sent to it.

2012-04-19 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3397
* Vehicle marker clustering improvements and tunings.
- The selected vehicle will always be visible.
- Slightly reduced size of the clusters.
- Tip: Use the Google maps' "back" button to zoom out from a cluster after you zoomed in.

2012-04-17 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3394
* Vehicle markers are now by default grouped into so called 'clusters' when they get too close to each other on the screen.
- Enable or disable it in "VehicleTracker->Settings->Style->Marker Clustering".
- Please note that the setting is saved in the workspace, not for the current user.

* General stabilization when adding devices.
* Fix problem causing data from server sometimes being transfered in wrong format to the user interface. Causing for example empty fields when managing devices or problem receiving new events.

2012-03-28 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3384
* Fixed _DisconnectDevice command.
* MapLibs (custom maps) can now be included in application templates.

2012-03-13 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3367
* SiteAdmin -> Plugins repository URL now defaults to

2012-03-08 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3363
* Fixed a problem where plugins would disappear or not get updated correctly from SiteAdmin -> Plugins when the GpsGate Server installation directory had been changed. The plugins framework now use file paths relative to the current installation directory.
* Actions such as installing, uninstalling or updating a plugin now show up in SiteAdmin -> System Tools -> User Actions (Please update the Terminal plugin to get this feature).

2012-03-06 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3357
* Fixed bug which could cause CPU go up to 100%
* Applications now listed in alpha order in AppGateway.

2012-02-20 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3337
* Privileges added to enable/disable sections in the VehicleTracker Settings window.
The new privileges are found under "User Settings" category in the Features dialog.

2012-02-14 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3327
- New SOAP web service methods:
* Directory.GetCurrentApplications(string strSessionID, int iApplicationID);
* Directory.GetTagsInApplication(string strSessionID, int iApplicationID);
* Directory.GetUsersInUserTag(string strSessionID, int iApplicationID, string strTagName);
* Directory.GetDevicesByUser(string strSessionID, int iApplicationID, int iUserID);
* Directory.GetDeviceCommandStatus(string strSessionID, int iApplicationID, int iDeviceID);
* Directory.ResetCommandQueue(string strSessionID, int iApplicationID, int iDeviceID);
* Command.GetCommandsByDevice(strSessionID, iApplicationID, iDeviceID);
* Command.ExecuteOutgoingCommand(strSessionID, iApplicationID, iDeviceID, strCommandName);
* Command.ExecuteOutgoingCommandWithArgs(strSessionID, iApplicationID, iDeviceID, strCommand);
See the reference documentation for more info:

2012-02-02 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3293
- Outgoing SMS and email no longer requires a _DeviceLogin, which means it no longer requires a licensed user.
- SiteAdmin styling fixes for IE9
- Time Zone can be used to set track restart time.

2012-01-31 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3289
- Geofences are now exported and imported with templates.
- User Actions. See the following topic for more info: topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=14083

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RE: ChangeLog: Patch.3275

Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:34 pm

2012-10-09 Patch.3275 v3.0.0.3575


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