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ChangeLog: AlwaysValid

Posted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:24 pm
by johan

Patches and bug fixes for AlwaysValid Plugin

Using this plugin you can have the marker on the map move on "invalid" position updates as well.

An invalid position update is when the GPS tracker does not have a fresh GPS fix at the time it sends a position update to the server. Normally GpsGate will not update the current position for a user using an invalid position, but using this plugin you can change this for selected users.

The invalid position will still be considered to be invalid in reports and in track history.

1. In SiteAdmin, go to Plugins.
2. Click Get More Plugins, download and install the "AlwaysValid"

3. Go to the application management page for the app that you want to enable the filter for.
4. Enable/Disable Features -> Tracks -> _AlwaysValid and/(or _UseServerTime.

5. Login to VehicleTracker and enable the privileges on selected roles.

_AlwaysValid, will make all reports valid.
_UseServerTime, will use server time rather than device time for all reports.

Release history

AlwaysValid Plugin v4.0.0.2262 Released: 2015-01-27
-> _UseServerTimeForInvalid to use server time for invalid reports.

AlwaysValid Plugin v4.0.0.238 Released: 2013-12-16
-> Now uses server time for history if _UseServerTime is enabled.

For upgrades please execute SQL statement below and restart service to enable new mode:

UPDATE settings SET value_data = '1' WHERE value_name = 'ChangeHistoryTimeStamp';

AlwaysValid Plugin v3.0.0.3571 Released: 2012-10-04
-> Privileges handled correctly.

AlwaysValid Plugin v3.0.0.3569 Released: 2012-10-02
-> _UseServerTime added.

AlwaysValid Plugin v3.0.0.3282 Released: 2012-01-20
-> First release.


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RE: ChangeLog: AlwaysValid

Posted: Tue Jan 27, 2015 1:00 pm
by johan
AlwaysValid Plugin v4.0.0.2262 Released: 2015-01-27


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