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ChangeLog: Concox

Wed Dec 07, 2011 6:19 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Concox Plugin

Upgrade from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

Concox v5.0.0.4372 Released: 2020-06-30
- more robust DateTime parsing.

Concox v5.0.0.4171 Released: 2020-05-01
- fix week rollover issue.

Concox v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29
- added default mappings

Concox v5.0.0.4039 Released: 2020-03-20
- set SaveChangesOnly = False of CutOff input for all devices.

Concox v5.0.0.4026 Released: 2020-03-16
- added support for 'WeTrack 140' device

Concox v5.0.0.3869 Released: 2020-01-27
- fix parsing of reports with invalid length

Concox v5.0.0.3516 Released: 2019-10-17
- take last valid position instead of the last recorded position for Heartbeat messages when needed

Concox v5.0.0.3424 Released: 2019-09-23
- fix null reference error

Concox v5.0.0.3410 Released: 2019-09-19
- added support for AIS140 protocol

Concox v5.0.0.3393 Released: 2019-09-10
- Keep alive messages are no longer handled by 'Allow to use Time (only) from an Invalid Date' metafield.

Concox v5.0.0.3370 Released: 2019-09-04
- added 'Allow to use Time (only) from an Invalid Date' metafield

Concox v5.0.0.3360 Released: 2019-08-30
- added 'Ignore data with invalid Date' metafield, which will not generate a report and display the info in terminal window

Concox v5.0.0.3256 Released: 2019-07-18
- Add a GeolocationPosition variable when the position is resolved for a Geolocation Provider

Concox v5.0.0.2961 Released: 2019-04-10
- workaround for 'week rollover' issue (unofficial solution)

Concox v5.0.0.2951 Released: 2019-04-03
- added CustomAnalog and CustomAnalog for GT06 device

Concox v5.0.0.2824 Released: 2019-02-15
- added DoorTriggeringStatus and DoorStatus for GT800

Concox v5.0.0.2791 Released: 2019-02-07
- added PowerLevel for AT4 device

Concox v5.0.0.2780 Released: 2019-02-05
- added support of GT800 device

Concox v5.0.0.2499 Released: 2018-11-17
- added SatelliteCount and GsmSignal for AT3 device

Concox v5.0.0.2493 Released: 2018-11-16
- added MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, BatteryVoltage and RSSI for AT3 device

Concox v5.0.0.2485 Released: 2018-11-15
- fix parsing of report 0x28 for Qbit and AT4 devices.
- add support of Geolocation Resolve for all Concox devices.

Concox v5.0.0.2405 Released: 2018-10-31
* added support of Tamper and CoverRemove inputs in report type 0x27

Concox v5.0.0.2339 Released: 2018-10-18
* Added BatteryVoltage, Tamper, CoverRemove inputs to AT4 device, added support for 0x23 heartbeat packet

Concox v5.0.0.2231 Released: 2018-10-04
* Improved Odometer support for AT4.

Concox v5.0.0.2219 Released: 2018-10-02
* Added LowBattery, Odometer and IButton inputs to AT4 device

Concox v5.0.0.1838 Released: 2018-06-18
* Fixed parsing Ignition for 0x22 protocol message for JM01, QBit, GT230 devices

Concox v5.0.0.1822 Released: 2018-06-14
* Fixed parsing issue for DefenseActivated, Ignition, Charged, Vibration, LowPower, SOS inputs for CRX1 device

Concox v5.0.0.1311 Released: 2018-02-12
* Added SOS, ACC, Vibration, HarshAcceleration, HarshBreaking, FatigueDriving, RFID, IButton, TemperatureSensor inputs to X1 device
* Added "Keep valid position on heart beat" Meta Field for all devices

Concox v5.0.0.1277 Released: 2018-02-05
* Support of 0x34 messages

Concox v5.0.0.1213 Released: 2018-01-24
* Added SatelliteCount, MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, SOS, Vibration, LowPower, Ignition, DefenseActivated, Charged, GsmSignal, VoltageLevel inputs to new Qbit device,

Concox v5.0.0.1138 Released: 2018-01-09
* Added new X1 device type

Concox v4.0.0.5812 Released: 2017-09-06
* Added support for Odometer in OdometerAccSignals signals to GT06 device

Concox v4.0.0.5807 Released: 2017-09-01
* Added support for GT700 and GT701 devices

Concox v4.0.0.5791 Released: 2017-08-27
* Fixed ODB package ack.
* Fixed report13 Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.5412 Released: 2017-05-12
* Support for MT200 device with GsmSignal, Ignition, PowerLevel, Vibration, LowBattery, PowerOn, PowerOff inputs.
* Support for JM01 device with GsmSignal, Ignition, PowerLevel, Vibration, LowBattery inputs.

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.5382 Released: 2017-05-12
* ignore report type 0x81(Terminal Responds Command and Parameters modify uploaded Setting Parameters)

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.5289 Released: 2017-04-21
* support for GT350 device

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.4949 Released: 2017-01-03
* Fix DoorOpen variable handling

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.4917 Released: 2016-12-20
* Add support of DoorStatus for GT06

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.4907 Released: 2016-12-15
* Add support of ExternalPowerVoltage, DoorTriggeringStatus for GT06 device

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.4613 Released: 2016-09-30
* ACC signal support for CRX1

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.4563 Released: 2016-09-22
* Added support for new Odometer signal of CRX1

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.3681 Released: 2016-01-15
* Fix parsing of OBD message for GT230 device

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.3677 Released: 2016-01-13
* Support for GT230 devices added

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.3665 Released: 2016-01-05
* Improved handling of devices sending up incorrect position data.

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.3081 Released: 2015-08-04
* Improved handling of devices sending up incorrect position data.

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.2618 Released: 2015-03-31
* Idle mode should now work again.

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.2603 Released: 2015-03-30
* Fixed issues with time stamps for report 0x13 for devices that had lost network connection.

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.2429 Released: 2015-02-18
* Fixed issue when device connects for the first time.

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.1821 Released: 2014-09-30
* Added Ignition, SatelliteCount, CellID, MCC, MNC, LAC to GT02D

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.1812 Released: 2014-09-29
* Added settings to ignore heartbeat messages

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.1801 Released: 2014-09-25
* Fix handling of heartbeat report causing position reports to be treated as historical.

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.1750 Released: 2014-09-12
* Added support for GT300 alarm packets GT06Report26 and GT06Report27

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.1441 Released: 2014-07-18
* Added Concox GT300 and GK309

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.1331 Released: 2014-07-02
* Added device type GT100

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.1281 Released: 2014-06-26
* Added device type CRX1

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.1073 Released: 2014-05-13
* Added device type GT02D

Concox Plugin v4.0.0.815 Released: 2014-04-02
* Improved support for GT02D (Protocol Number 0x22)

Concox Plugin v3.1.0.5467 Released: 2013-11-17
* Possible to set a device Time Zone under SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Types for all Concox device types. his should ONLY be used if for some reason you cannot set the device time zone to GMT+0

Concox Plugin v3.1.0.5416 Released: 2013-11-06
* Possible to set a device Time Zone under SiteAdmin -> Devices -> Types for Concox GT06. This should ONLY be used if for some reason you cannot set the device time zone to GMT+0

Concox Plugin v3.1.0.5308 Released: 2013-10-15
* GeofenceEnter and GeofenceExit should work better.

Concox Plugin v3.1.0.5205 Released: 2013-10-01
* Fixed minor logging issue.

Concox Plugin v3.1.0.5172 Released: 2013-09-26
* Added GeofenceEnter and GeofenceExit to GT06.

Concox Plugin v3.1.0.5074 Released: 2013-08-31
* Connection Pooling (TCP). Improved performance on larger servers.
* Template Commands are now always sent after ACK.

Concox Plugin v3.1.0.4966 Released: 2013-07-26
* Speed is now always zero for report 0x13. New way of handling report 0x13 can now be turned off with a setting. Contact support for more info.

Concox Plugin v3.1.0.4966 Released: 2013-07-24
* Report 0x13 will now update last position with current time stamp for GT06. This should mean "idle" scenarios should work better.

Concox Plugin v3.1.0.4836 Released: 2013-06-14
* Sending commands over GPRS for GT06.

Concox Plugin v3.1.0.4828 Released: 2013-06-11
* Sending commands over GPRS for GT06 should now work.

Concox Plugin v3.0.0.3259 Released: 2012-01-10
* Added signals MCC, MNC, LAC and CellID

Concox Plugin v3.0.0.3240 Released: 2011-12-29
* Added GK301, GS503

Concox Plugin v3.0.0.3109 Released: 2011-12-13
* Support for Concox GT03
* More signals for GT06

Concox Plugin v3.0.0.3182 Released: 2011-12-06
* Support for Concox GT02 and GT06

More info on Concox Plugin:


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Re: ChangeLog: Concox

Tue Jun 30, 2020 3:34 pm

Concox v5.0.0.4372 Released: 2020-06-30

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