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ChangeLog: GoSafe

Wed Nov 09, 2011 3:11 am

Patches and bug fixes for GoSafe Plugin

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Release history

GoSafe v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29
- added default mappings

GoSafe v5.0.0.4006 Released: 2020-03-10
- fix parsing of ADC values

GoSafe v5.0.0.3352 Released: 2019-08-28
- fix parsing of 1-Wire data

GoSafe v5.0.0.3328 Released: 2019-08-09
- Set GeolocationPosition variable when a position is resolved from a Geolocation provider
- added GSM and DTT for G737 device
- added HarshAcceleration, HarshBraking and HarshCornering for G6C device

GoSafe v5.0.0.3256 Released: 2019-07-18
* Add a GeolocationPosition variable when the position is resolved for a Geolocation Provider

GoSafe v5.0.0.2916 Released: 2019-03-15
* added 'Trust Odometer In Fat Point' meta field for all devices. Set to true to use odometer distance in FatPoints. Default false.

GoSafe v5.0.0.2733 Released: 2019-01-22
* fix ArgumentException error in F8 report type

GoSafe v5.0.0.2473 Released: 2018-11-14
* wrapping outgoing commands over TCP and SMS

GoSafe v5.0.0.2235 Released: 2018-10-05
* Added J1939_TankInformation and J1939_EngineHours to G797 and G797W

GoSafe v5.0.0.2139 Released: 2018-09-19
* Added J1939_HighResolutionVehicleDistance and J1939_VehicleDistance to G797 and G797W
* Added ACCStatus input to G91I device

GoSafe v5.0.0.2124 Released: 2018-09-15
* Added J1939_TotalFuelConsumption, J1939_VehicleSpeed, J1939_CoolantTemperature and J1939_RPM to G797 and G797W

GoSafe v5.0.0.2113 Released: 2018-09-12
* Ignition now supported by protocol version 0x16 (ascii)

GoSafe v5.0.0.2109 Released: 2018-09-11
* Added EngineOn to G797 and G797W

GoSafe v5.0.0.2101 Released: 2018-09-08
* Support for Protocol Version 0x16

GoSafe v5.0.0.2058 Released: 2018-08-28
* BatteryLevel added to AT17

GoSafe v5.0.0.2028 Released: 2018-08-17
* fix out of range exception in G911

GoSafe v5.0.0.2017 Released: 2018-08-16
* Support for Geo Location

GoSafe v5.0.0.1761 Released: 2018-06-07
* Added G1C device type

GoSafe v5.0.0.1749 Released: 2018-06-05
* Added support for G1C device

GoSafe v5.0.0.1728 Released: 2018-06-01
* support of V3 report type

GoSafe v5.0.0.1663 Released: 2018-05-18
* Added support for report F8 with version 0x66 message format

GoSafe v5.0.0.1651 Released: 2018-05-16
* Added Geofence input to G6C device

GoSafe v5.0.0.1625 Released: 2018-05-11
* Added ExternalPowerVolt, BackupBatteryVolt, SatelliteCount, Ignition, Tow, MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID inputs to new G6C device

GoSafe v5.0.0.1589 Released: 2018-05-02
* When the device sends unknown packet type: show an info message in the terminal window and not throw an error which will close the connection

GoSafe v5.0.0.1509 Released: 2018-04-10
* Added BackupBatteryVolt, RemoveAlarm, ShakeAlarm inputs to AT17 device, added MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID, BackupBatteryVolt, RemoveAlarm, ShakeAlarm, SOS, Tow, ACCStatus inputs to AT19 device

GoSafe v5.0.0.1484 Released: 2018-04-03
* Fixed parsing of multi-location messages (also includes buffered messages)

GoSafe v5.0.0.1478 Released: 2018-03-29
* Added MCC, MNC, LAC, CellID inputs to new AT17 device

GoSafe v5.0.0.939 Released: 2017-11-29
* Fix parsing of EventData

GoSafe v5.0.0.842 Released: 2017-11-16
* Added support for Entering, Leaving, LowVoltage, Moving and TAG signals for G737 device

GoSafe v5.0.0.613 Released: 2017-10-16
* fix parsing of OBD data

GoSafe v4.0.0.5871 Released: 2017-09-26
* fix parse of OBD data (report GS16)

GoSafe v4.0.0.5858 Released: 2017-09-22
* added parsing of BatteryLevel variable by '$ report'

GoSafe v4.0.0.5817 Released: 2017-09-11
* Added FuelConsumption variable for G79W device,

GoSafe v4.0.0.5752 Released: 2017-08-10
* Added FuelConsumption input to G797W

GoSafe v4.0.0.5693 Released: 2017-07-27
* Fixed parsing GS06 message, added support for UDP pooling

GoSafe v4.0.0.5575 Released: 2017-06-26
* Added support for GS66 report

GoSafe v4.0.0.5378 Released: 2017-05-12
* Added support for Event_80/84/85/88 to G737 device

GoSafe v4.0.0.5296 Released: 2017-04-26
* Fixed parsing of invalid reports (not throw exception, only log invalid packet)

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.5235 Released: 2017-04-07
* Fixed the LowBattery input, changed the SaveChangeOnly=false for LowBattery input for GoSafeReportG91I

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.4880 Released: 2016-12-05
* Fixed SOS variable

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.4854 Released: 2016-11-29
* Added support for SOS event for GoSafeBinaryReportF8

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.4802 Released: 2016-11-14
* Add FiberDisconnected and SOS events for G737

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.4787 Released: 2016-11-08
* Fix AD data inputs for G737 device,
* Fix parsing of report 26 for G737

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.4768 Released: 2016-11-02
* Fix "null TrackPoint" parse error

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.4760 Released: 2016-10-31
* Added support for BatteryLevel signal of G828

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.4542 Released: 2016-09-19
* Fixed LowBattery signal parsing

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.4526 Released: 2016-09-14
* Added LowBattery signal for G828

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.4386 Released: 2016-08-02
* Fixed Altitude, Speed and Heading parsing for report GS06

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.4327 Released: 2016-07-12
* Added support for G1S and G3C devices

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.3936 Released: 2016-04-04
* Fixed "GateMessageWriter cannot be reused with a null TrackPoint"

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.3839 Released: 2016-03-03
* Added Ignition and SOS for G91I

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.3072 Released: 2015-07-31
* Added CellID for G626

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.3043 Released: 2015-07-21
* FIX: Parsing error for G626

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.2625 Released: 2015-04-02
* Reports over SMS now supported.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.2590 Released: 2015-03-26
* Improved OBDII support

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.2545 Released: 2015-03-18
* DTCs supported in text protocol.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.2506 Released: 2015-03-10
* CellID data supported in text protocol.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.2392 Released: 2015-02-10
* Fixed parsing error.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.2010 Released: 2014-11-12
* Fixed parsing error.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.1595 Released: 2014-08-08
* Improvements for GS03

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.1489 Released: 2014-07-28
* Improvements for G7S

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.1438 Released: 2014-07-18
* Added OBDII inputs to GS06 ASCII Report and G797 device mapper.
* Added IButton to G6S Device Mapper.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.1380 Released: 2014-07-09
* Support for *GS16 messages.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.1376 Released: 2014-07-08
* Fixed parsing errors for G797W

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.1354 Released: 2014-07-03
* G626IA should now work better.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.1320 Released: 2014-07-01
* Improvements for GoSafe G3S and G6S

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.1102 Released: 2014-05-19
* Device types GoSafe G3S and G6S added.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.1007 Released: 2014-04-30
* Paring error fixed.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.926 Released: 2014-04-16
* Support for GoSafe G91I

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.717 Released: 2014-03-21
* GoSafe GS06 support.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.326 Released: 2014-01-16
* AnalogInput and SOS should now work for G71.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.310 Released: 2014-01-14
* DeviceTemperature should now work for G71.

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.294 Released: 2014-01-10
* Added more inputs to G71

GoSafe Plugin v4.0.0.265 Released: 2013-12-23
* FiberCut added to G737

GoSafe Plugin v3.1.0.3983 Released: 2012-12-10
* DetachAlarm, PowerVoltage, DeviceTemperature and BatteryVoltage added to G828

GoSafe Plugin v3.1.0.3824 Released: 2012-10-30
* Ignition, DoorOpen and SOS added to device type GoSafe G78

GoSafe Plugin v3.1.0.3714 Released: 2012-09-29
* More signals for G606, G626, G737 and G828 added.

GoSafe Plugin v3.0.0.3456 Released: 2012-06-12
* MCC, MNC, LAC and CellID added for G797
* Older version 1 protocol now supported.
* Batch of positions in one report now supported.

GoSafe Plugin v3.0.0.3367 Released: 2012-03-26
* DTC01 to DTC05 added for G797. Will contain trouble codes.

GoSafe Plugin v3.0.0.3282 Released: 2012-01-23
* Fixed parsing problem for a reset device.

GoSafe Plugin v3.0.0.3261 Released: 2012-01-10
* OBDII Signals OBDII_EngineRPM, OBDII_VehicleSpeed and OBDII_EngineCoolantTemperature added to device type G797
* Signal PowerVoltage added to device type G797
* Fixed parsing errors.

GoSafe Plugin v3.0.0.3257 Released: 2012-01-07
* Added device types G606, G616, G626, G71, G737, G78, G828, G91S, G92, G959, V90 Released: 2011-11-08
* Support for GoSafe G797 (ODBII tracker)


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Re: ChangeLog: GoSafe

Wed Apr 29, 2020 3:35 pm

GoSafe v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29

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