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ChangeLog: SmartPipe

Posted: Thu Apr 21, 2011 8:44 pm
by johan
Patches and bug fixes for SmartPipe Plugin

Upgrade from SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

Release history

SmartPipe build 3591 Released: 2019-11-05
* added 'Allow week rollover resolve.' metafield (default false) for 'SmartPipe' device, which will resolve 'week rollover issue' if enabled

SmartPipe build 2514 Released: 2018-12-13
* Removed unused resources.

SmartPipe v5.0.0.672 Released: 2017-10-23
* 'Ignore Zero Heading' meta-field now available for all SmartPipe device types.

SmartPipe v5.0.0.651 Released: 2017-10-19
* added 'Ignore Zero Heading' meta field that will use last known heading when heading from device is zero

SmartPipe v4.0.0.5864 Released: 2017-09-23
* StaticIP login over UDP improved.

SmartPipe v4.0.0.3240 Released: 2015-09-16
* NmeaPipe parser improved.

SmartPipe Plugin v4.0.0.2031 Released: 2014-11-18
* $GPUID can now be used for authentication.

SmartPipe Plugin v4.0.0.965 Released: 2014-04-25
* FEATURE: "First line authentication". SmartPipe can now use first text line of data coming in to authenticate device.

SmartPipe Plugin v4.0.0.166 Released: 2013-12-19
* FEATURE: NMEA data from Router with Static IP.

SmartPipe Plugin v3.1.0.5073 Released: 2013-08-30
* Connection pooling (TCP). Better performance on large servers.
* Template Commands over TCP/UDP now supported.

SmartPipe Plugin v3.1.0.4890 Released: 2013-06-25
* NmeaPipe now works in the Terminal.

SmartPipe Plugin v3.0.0.2848 Released: 2011-04-21
* Speed variable now works for device type "SmartPipe NMEA"


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Re: ChangeLog: SmartPipe

Posted: Tue Nov 05, 2019 1:56 pm
by johan
SmartPipe build 3588 Released: 2019-11-05