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ChangeLog: Dispatch

Fri Apr 01, 2011 2:09 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Dispatch

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Release History

Dispatch v5.0.0.2395 Released: 2018-11-15

- Scheduled date/time no longer required when creating a job via scripting

- Do not allow schedule templates to return when using GetXById calls in scripting
- Fix for infinite loading bar in some cases after a route is dispatched and then deleted whilst still dispatched
- Fix for Jobs sometimes not appearing in Dispatch app despite having correct privileges
- Fix for worker sometimes not being correctly assigned to a job when they are added to an existing route with drag and drop (this also fixes the side effect of certain jobs in a route not appearing in worker apps as expected)
- Fixed a bug that could cause disappearing unassigned jobs if they were dragged into an unsaved route and then immediately save/dispatched to a worker
- Fix another edge case cause of infinite loadbar
- Fixed a bug that could cause the job panel and stats screen to get out of sync

Dispatch v5.0.0.2222 Released: 2018-10-18

- POI ID property is now visible in reporting when jobs are created from POIs
- Fixed bug causing push notifications to sometimes be sent for jobs that were not visible to a worker

Dispatch v5.0.0.2141 Released: 2018-09-20

- More robust text search for jobs available in Dispatch panel. Searching for locations, job descriptions and worker names should now give you much better results
- Added "Extract to schedule" option on right clicking a route, allowing already created routes to be converted to reoccurring schedules
- Scheduled routes may now be created pre-assigned to workers
- Worker cards now automatically expand to show all jobs if there aren't very large quantities of jobs on the worker. The threshold for this is configurable in the Dispatch settings menu
- Assigning a schedule to a worker will now cause all existing and future routes on this schedule to be assigned to the worker
- A "Create schedule" button is now available in the schedule list for convenience
- Loading bar and state shown on Dispatch panel until jobs and routes for the day are finished downloading from the server to give a clear indication of what a day contains
- Jobs now display their job description instead of location information on their map marker
- A route will now be created for "today" when saving a schedule if today is one of the days of the week now included in the schedule
- Deleted and 5 week and older historical Routes now included in Cleanup for Dispatch plugin actions
- Large optimisations to the speed of loading jobs on "today" page
- Jobs and routes are now sorted in the order in which they were created if there is no scheduled time available for them

- Bug fix for newly created routes without any custom fields sometimes incorrectly showing the custom fields section in the Edit Route window
- Bug fix for deleted routes from a schedule being re-created when revisiting the day in the Dispatch panel
- Bug fix for an edited, future scheduled route containing a media custom field failing to re-save
- Bug fix for schedules sometimes not loading into schedule window when schedule window is opened quickly after a service start
- Bug fix for job count in worker panel including jobs that were since moved off the day until the day was reloaded
- Bug fix for routes from schedule sometimes taking an extremely long time to load when visiting a future date
- Bug fix for deleted schedule still appearing in schedule list until list is reopened
- Removal of "pin start only" route optimisation strategy due to lack of use cases and misleading results
- "Dispatched" state now not available for jobs when creating a new schedule as it can cause a lot of un-intuitive workflow side effects for operators
- Deleting a schedule will now remove all future routes, but leave all historical and in-progress routes intact for reporting purposes

Dispatch v5.0.0.2007 Released: 2018-08-16

- Custom fields now accessible on Jobs and Routes in Dispatch scripting.
- Now both pay as you go and legacy license holders are migrated to our new route optimization service. Route path drawing and optimization will be much faster and more reliable.
- Localization support added to Dispatch app.

- Jobs in Routes may now be edited no matter which state they are currently in.
- Dispatching Jobs and Routes to Garmin devices will be less affected by network conditions.
- Schedules now copy custom field media files to their child routes.
- Removal of VC++ dependency from Dispatch 5

Dispatch v5.0.0.1938 Released: 2018-07-19
- Document type custom fields added
- ETA feature added, enable in the Dispatch panel settings menu
- Routing functionality improved performance.
- Many fixes to route creation UI

Dispatch v5.0.0.1715 Released: 2018-05-28
Fix: Failed to compare two elements in the array

Dispatch v5.0.0.1696 Released: 2018-05-25

Dispatch v5 Released!

Dispatch v4.0.0.5912 Released: 2018-04-19

- Faster scripting engine.

Dispatch v4.0.0.5911 Released: 2018-01-16
- Remove strong names from Dispatch v4 assemblies

Dispatch v4.0.0.5898 Released: 2017-11-07
- Can now be installed on a Core 5 server.

Dispatch v4.0.0.5896 Released: 2017-11-03
- Improved performance for scripting.

Dispatch v4.0.0.5891 Released: 2017-10-31
- Fixed an issue in Dispatch scripting causing dispatch.getJob(id) to fail in some cases.
- Fixed an issue in Dispatch scripting causing dispatch.getJob(id) to throw an error if no job with the matching ID was present in the system.

Dispatch v4.0.0.5872 Released: 2017-10-19
- Changes to internal implementation of GetAssignableWorkers to prevent performance problems on servers with many thousands of users.

Dispatch v4.0.0.5817 Released: 2017-09-14
- Sort GetAssignableWorkers results by nearest workers to submitted job.
- Allow restricting of GetAssignableWorkers results to a specific number of returned workers. Use this parameter to improve performance on larger servers.
- Increase performance of GetAssignableWorkers calls by reducing the amount of needed database calls even on larger result sets.

Dispatch v4.0.0.5743 Released: 2017-08-15
- CSV import in the Dispatch plugin now supports the "duration" column in CSV file allowing the duration of jobs to be set at import time. This value should be supplied in seconds.
- Fix: Custom field errors when dispatching or importing jobs
- Fix for Route Job sometimes failing to pass user to navigation software when page is loaded over http.
- 'tags' exposed to job click scripts

Dispatch v4.0.0.5478 Released: 2017-06-05
- Security improvements. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.
- Fix UI business logic validation being applied to jobs automatically created by back end systems.

Dispatch v4.0.0.5286 Released: 2017-04-26
- Include Route and Job order in reporting system query.

Dispatch v4.0.0.5175 Released: 2017-03-28
- Added profiling for SOAP services
- Fix: Mobile Dispatch now attempts to use high accuracy geolocation by default.
- Fix: List type custom field now returns properly formatted value in all cases
- Fix: Save and Dispatch button does not save recently edited custom fields
- Fix: New Table Control doesn't handle right click

Dispatch v4.0.0.5087 Released: 2017-02-16
-_EditJobCustomField privilege missing in some updates

- Scheduled dispatching date UI hidden when week schedule is set on Route
- GetWorkerId and custom field value support added to GetChangesForUserSince in Dispatch SOAP API

Scripting / Developer
SOAP API Methods added:
- Added UnassignJob method to Dispatch SOAP API

Dispatch v4.0.0.4964 Released: 2017-01-11
- Dispatch workers with an invisible cell phone device and no other devices caused dispatch failure notification in UI

Scripting / Developer
SOAP API Methods added:
- GetChangesForUsersSince
- PauseJob
- CompleteJob (with comment)
- UpdateCustomField
- GetCustomFields

Dispatch v4.0.0.4900 Released: 2016-12-13
- Updates of jobs was not visible until reload of page sometimes

Scripting / Developer:
- Extend Web Service Scripts with "dispatch" object
- Extend SOAP API with new methods:
UnassignJob: unassign a given job from the current worker
UnassignRoute: unassign a given route from the current worker
GetJobsInRange: return jobs in the given datetime range based on scheduled time

Dispatch v4.0.0.4825 Released: 2016-11-24
New Feature
- Scheduled Dispatching feature implemented

- Spanish translations added to Dispatch
- DispatchRoute and DispatchJob SOAP methods now allow reassignment to another worker
- MoveJob call added to Dispatch SOAP API
- Added AssignRoute and AssignJob SOAP API call
- CSV Imported jobs now optionally allow addresses to be added from the application's configured geocoder
- Initial load of jobs in VehicleTracker now streams data to the client to give more feedback on progress for large servers
- Scripting now returns editable Job types when inspecting Jobs array in Routes
- Added a counter to the Dispatch Panel to show loaded jobs
- When editing a Route all jobs from the route will be included in the window regardless of the currently set date filter on the main panel
- Historical completed Jobs with no scheduled date cluttering "today" screen

- Compatible layout with new mobile
- EditRoute window collapses onto time field when custom fields added
- Some Dispatch Mobile translation keys missing
- Duplicate POI name in CSV import causes exception
- Job marker labels not appearing in certain circumstances
- SetRouteSchedule call in SOAP API doesn't refresh UI
- Print directions Button not showing in some circumstances
- Deleting a Job will now remove that Job's marker even if it was pinned
- Long addresses from geocoding cause Jobs to fail to save correctly
- Hide empty list settings now again working as intended

Dispatch v4.0.0.4652 Released: 2016-10-11
- Vertical scrolling does not work in both Edit Job and Route windows
- Double scrollbar in Dispatch panel
- When creating Routes using CreateRoute in SOAP the order property is not set
- Jobs for certain dates being requested from the server but not displayed in UI
- Today button re-displaying jobs from previously selected date on click

- Dispatch all button on job list inactive when jobs imported
- Import by POI ID in CSV Job import
- GetRouteSchedule and SetRouteSchedule added to SOAP API
- Change default job list behavior to only show jobs and routes on the day they are scheduled
- VehicleTracker Job List map makers only display when pinned when job list contains large number of jobs

-Dispatch scripting exposes POI ID property on jobs in event and app scripts.
Nullable number property. Null result implies job was not created from a POI. Number result specifies which POI was the location source for the job.

Dispatch v4.0.0.4460 Released: 2016-09-13
– Add new Job to Route location search now orders results by distance closest to current Job in Edit Route window
- Option to "pin" a Job list’s job markers to the map to stay showing while browsing other Job lists
- Printable Route driving directions feature added
- Exposed new "ETA" property on dispatch scripting to allow scripts to update their integration points with live ETA details
– Route scheduling now allows the option to opt into having schedule created routes automatically assign to a worker

- Alpha GraphHopper strategy implementation added to Routing Service as an alternative to OSRM. Not currently used in live.
- Maximum steps for Click Scripting only extended to allow significantly larger scripts
- Order property exposed in dispatch event and app scripting to allow scripts to loop through a routes jobs in the order they are saved in

- Mobile editable custom fields updating from the server causes flicker in the client
- GetPlannedRoutes function in scripting only returning standalone jobs

Dispatch v4.0.0.4370 Released: 2016-08-10
- Custom fields for Routes
- Custom fields for Jobs now editable based on privilege settings in both Mobile and Vehicle Tracker
- New Job calendar on Mobile Dispatch
- Created jobs now store POI information
- CSV Import for Jobs now supports custom fields
- JobPOIId now available in Jobs reporting system query

- Route optimization rewritten to allow routes with many more jobs (100+)
- Automatic ETA calculation for new jobs added to Route UI factoring in travel time and job durations

- Custom field type "list" displays incorrect format in Job list
- Print button fails to appear on Job List when Job List saved to workspace
- Job list “Print” function now displays all jobs in list regardless of page size
- Job lists in Dispatch panel should now reliably display all relevant jobs (up to a maximum of 150 for performance reasons)
- Search filter is no longer discarded when changing calendar date
- Fix case where jobs could be duplicated in a route
- Mobile routing broken in latest iOS update
- Prevent double jobs appearing in routes UI
- Jumping to navigation app in UI after closing a job (should only happen on starting)

Dispatch v4.0.0.4117 Released: 2016-05-23
- SOAP call to alter "Comment" field on Dispatch service with update to SOAPKit documentation
- Drawn route lines available when clicking route spring-out as well as in edit route window
- Dispatch "Job" click event publisher for Apps added to Dispatch plugin
- Migration of Dispatch web service to new NMEA JSON RPC service
- Add Worker filters now available in the Edit Route window. Show closest workers with no jobs, or closest with no active job.
- Support for "Native" mobile app
- Support for Cleanup plugin in Dispatch
- Dispatch integration with reporting extended
- Allow set custom fields in Mobile Dispatch

- Dispatch app scripting switched to use set application time zone instead of UTC (more intuitive for scripters)
- Fix for deleting a POI will break jobs, routes and job reports
- Fix for CreateRoute SOAP API call defaulting all job scheduled time to now

Dispatch v4.0.0.3965 Released: 2016-04-25
- Route scheduling added to Dispatch. Create routes that can be set to re-occur on a schedule
- Scripting added to Dispatch. Read-only in-memory cached entities available to event rule scripting and interactive, queryable entities available to Apps
- New in-memory caching layer for dispatch jobs and dispatch schedules.
- Show execution progress compared to planned progress on jobs, routes, job lists and markers in Vehicle Tracker
- Display driver comments in route window
- Show jobs clustered by their parent route in Mobile Dispatch

- Custom fields shown in read only format in the Vehicle Tracker Job List
- Pan and zoom to the contents of a job list when selecting one in the Dispatch panel
- Added delete operation for jobs to route batch operations
- Merge "complete" and "remove" operations in mobile dispatch to one “finish” button for workflow simplification
- Re-opening a minimised route through the Dispatch panel restores the minimized window
- Opening a route when another is open will switch open route if there are no unsaved changes
- Do not restore route edit window when adding stop to route to allow quick addition of many stops from the map
- Interactions with edit route window now blocked with new “loading…” UI spinner while a save is in progress

Bug Fixes
- DI1001 Report includes job comment field
- Batch migration of jobs from dispatched route doesn't un-dispatch jobs on devices
- Overlay not found when switching dispatch job date and map hidden in Firefox
- Map blank when interacting with dispatch while map hidden in all browsers
- Edited job details inside a route are not cleared on edit window cancel click
- Do not display empty route labels as ‘null’ in route tooltips
- Commands not functional after latest performance optimization patch
- Any number of jobs in a route should be allowed while editing a route
- Route marker in Mobile jobs list now aligned left
- New stops added to Routes now use the application local time instead of browser

Mobile Dispatch
- Lateness should be visible on jobs in Mobile Dispatch

Dispatch v4.0.0.3816 Released: 2016-03-21
* Display parsing error information on Dispatch CSV import failure
* Batch operations made available in the Edit Route window

* Date times without a leading zero on the AM time should not fail to parse from CSV
* Fix translation

Dispatch v4.0.0.3606 Released: 2016-01-12

* Routing and route optimisation added to Dispatch
* Can now use latitude and longitude to create a job in UI
* Jobs in route clickable to select and pan map to job
* Scroll bar now appears on jobs panel inside Edit Route window for easier reading of route information
* Selecting a job in the job list table pans to the selected job position on map
* "Save and Dispatch" button now available to new routes
* "Dispatch Route" added to context menu on routes in Dispatch panel
* Adding a job to a route now re-centres the map including all route locations
* "Zoom to Route" button added to route interface for quickly re-centring map
* Optimise button now only available when paths can be drawn between jobs in route

* Sort Dispatch job list by asc/desc based on setting
* Always reverse geocode on CreateJob call in Dispatch SOAP API
* Comments now also display on completed and removed jobs in a read only format for operators
* Prevent intermittent failure of Dispatch CSV import when using latest beta build
* Selected route labels retain styling
* Route marker labels consistent across all views
* Inaccurate pan on job list selection containing a route removed
* Unintentional destruction of markers when route still selected but route edit window closed fixed
* Jobs based on deleted POI no longer crash route interface
* Remove references to "GpsGate" in CSV import
* Stale route estimates no longer left in UI when path is removed
* "Pan To" feature now works on jobs in routes in job list table
* Routes now only need saving/cancel confirmation when actually edited
* Jobs now dispatched in correct order when using "Save and Dispatch" button
* Better error message for unplottable routes

Dispatch v4.0.0.3317 Released: 2015-10-07
* Change to remove a job from its route when a worker removes it from their task list
* Operator initiated removal of job from route bypasses removal guard logic intended for worker devices
* Real time update of jobs with SOAP API not causing map marker refresh

* Filter title added to dropdown on worker assign in job to prevent ambiguity
* "Empty" button added to Route to remove all jobs before deleting

Dispatch v4.0.0.3175 Released: 2015-09-08
* FEATURE: Routes

* FEATURE: Print button added to Job Lists #88
* FEATURE: See the status of individual jobs in the Edit Route window with a status indicator light
* FEATURE: All jobs including those within a Route now displayed as a marker when selecting a job list in the Dispatch panel

* FIX: Job List now again displays jobs respecting job states (hidden and completed are hidden)
* FIX: Jobs inside a route were sometimes in an incorrect order in a Job List
* FIX: Status field for jobs inside a route was not updated in real time in a Job List
* FIX: External ID field in Dispatch CSV Import now can be any string of characters instead of a number
* FIX: False positive warnings on rows with an empty worker username in Dispatch CSV Import removed
* FIX: Date field on jobs in Edit Route window would not update when changed after initial creation

Dispatch v4.0.0.2756 Released: 2015-06-02
* FIX: Various bugs fixed for reordering jobs
* FIX: Job order in mobile should now reflect the order in the Job List
* FIX: Job order in mobile was changed when changing state of the job sometimes

* FEATURE: Filter Mobile view to only show jobs planned for today

Dispatch v4.0.0.2739 Released: 2015-05-05
* FEATURE: SOAP and Json API for creating and dispatching jobs.

* FIX: DI1000 and DI1001 reports rendered slowly when having many POIs
* FIX: Sometimes the ETA, Jobs and Job Status columns in vehicle list was missing
* FIX: Sorting of worker search list by distance fix
* FIX: Dispatch automatically enabled for _Administrator and _Operator when enabled in application

Dispatch v4.0.0.2548 Released: 2015-04-08
* FEATURE: Let worker add additional comment wher finish a job

* FIX: Various UI bugs
* FIX: Malformed URL in notification

Dispatch v4.0.0.2453 Released: 2015-03-03
* FEATURE: Show ETA for the current active job in vehicle list. (Only available for devices that can report ETA, e.g. Garmin)
* FEATURE: Support Garmin Fleet 660/670 using GpsGate Android Tracker client

* FIX: Save and Dispatch sometimes did not update the state of the job to dispatched
* FIX: Time can be manually entered (not just select from the list of time)
* FIX: Various translation keys added
* FIX: Stability improvements when using Garmin FMI devices
* FIX: Job status changes was sometime not reflected in the UI

Dispatch v4.0.0.2343 Released: 2015-02-09
* FEATURE: Time can be added to jobs along with the date
* FEATURE: Number of dispatched jobs as column in vehicle list
* FEATURE: Current job status as icon column in vehicle list
* FEATURE: Create job and open job list from vehicles panel
* FEATURE: Setting to show/hide empty job lists
* FEATURE: "Save and Dispatch" option when creating a new job
* FEATURE: Columns in lists can be re-arranged
* FEATURE: "Pick", "All" and "Un-assign" list is now sortable

* FIX: Buttons (not only context menu) to open job lists and pick jobs
* FIX: Marker is removed when deleting a job
* FIX: Validation of address
* FIX: Dragging the address picker on map will update job location properly
* FIX: Jobs was not properly loaded on startup (mainly IE issue)
* FIX: Map got sluggish when having many markers
* FIX: Space is used more efficiently in job panel
* FIX: Skipping back and forth in time using date picker now works
* FIX: Various other minor bugs fixes and UX improvements

Dispatch v4.0.0.1965 Released: 2014-11-11
* FEATURE: Mobile (smartphone) interface
Read more:

* FIX: Dispatch related objects such as User Types and Roles was created in application where dispatch plugin was not enabled.
* FIX: Date picker for browsing dates added
* FIX: job number included in description

Dispatch v4.0.0.1537 Released: 2014-08-12
* Major improvements

Dispatch v3.1.0.3840 Released: 2012-11-05
- Dispatch window will no longer automatically pop up in lower right corner of workspace when enabled. It must be opened from the Windows menu.

Dispatch v3.0.0.3546 Released: 2012-09-11
- Problem resolved when switching workspace containing Dispatch.

Dispatch v3.0.0.3505 Released: 2012-08-17
- Added [DestinationLatitude] and [DestinationLongitude] as Template Command variables for _SendStop

Dispatch v3.0.0.3452 Released: 2012-06-19
- New improved user interface.
- NOTE! "Contacts" no longer exists as concept.
- Cell phone support
- FIX: Will not lose jobs sent to Garmin PND.

Dispatch v3.0.0.3019 Released: 2011-08-11
- TrackerOne support

Dispatch v3.0.0.2856 Released: 2011-04-27
- Search for Contacts now works

Dispatch v3.0.0.2821 Released: 2011-04-07
- Contacts are now listed correctly.
- Date and time format is taken from culture setting. Released: 2011-04-01
- Job note or address is now sent to navigation device (e.g. Garmin PND) as part of a job.


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Re: ChangeLog: Dispatch

Thu Nov 15, 2018 1:41 pm

Dispatch v5.0.0.2395 Released: 2018-11-15

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