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ChangeLog: TZone

Thu Mar 24, 2011 7:11 pm

Patches and bug fixes for TZone Plugin

Update under SiteAdmin -> Plugins

More info on how to connect TZone trackers to GpsGate Server here.

TZone Plugin v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29
- added default mappings

TZone Plugin v5.0.0.4003 Released: 2020-03-09
* parse LoRa's device sensors data as OneWire

TZone Plugin v5.0.0.3988 Released: 2020-03-03
* "TZ-LoRa Gateway" supports up to 12 sensors

TZone Plugin v5.0.0.3983 Released: 2020-03-02
* fix parsing of Sensor Information for LoRa device

TZone Plugin v5.0.0.3878 Released: 2020-01-30
* fix parsing of Temperature value for AVL19 device

TZone Plugin v5.0.0.3875 Released: 2020-01-29
* added Digital{1..4}, Output{A..C}, Temperature, ADC{0..1], SOS, Charging, ChargeVoltage for 'TZ-AVL19' device

TZone Plugin v5.0.0.3868 Released: 2020-01-27
* added IN1, IN2 for TZ-AVL09 device

TZone Plugin v5.0.0.1336 Released: 2018-02-20
* add support for LoRa Gateway device

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.5604 Released: 2017-07-03
* Added support for TT11 message

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.5586 Released: 2017-06-28
* Fixed parsing issue

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.5582 Released: 2017-06-27
* Added Humidity input to TT18 device

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.5518 Released: 2017-06-15
* Added BatteryVoltage and Temperature signals to new TT18 device

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.5378 Released: 2017-05-12
* Fixed parsing of GPS coordinates.

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.4840 Released: 2016-11-22
* Updated "TZ-AVL05 3G" coordinates parsing according to new documentation

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.4825 Released: 2016-11-18
* Add support for TZ-AVL05 3G device

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.3823 Released: 2016-02-26
* Camera support for AVL19
* RFID variable AVL19

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.3801 Released: 2016-02-19
* Variables for AVL19 added (LBS, Status, 125K, UHF, M1, 2.4G, 2.4G E-LOCK, Temperature transmitter)

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.3786 Released: 2016-02-17
* Support for connection pooling when using UDP

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.3777 Released: 2016-02-15
* Support of AVL19 devices binary protocol

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.3392 Released: 2015-10-21
* Added Digital3 and Digital4 for AVL10

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.3387 Released: 2015-10-20
* Added support of input parameters Digital1, Digital2 and Analog1 for AVL10

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.3091 Released: 2015-08-06
* "TZone TZ-AVL09 (Vietnam)" updated in accordance with latest documentation.

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.3071 Released: 2015-07-31
* Device Type "TZone TZ-AVL09 (Vietnam)" added

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.2515 Released: 2015-03-10
* Improved camera support

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.2021 Released: 2014-11-17
* Improved RFID support for AVL09

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.1732 Released: 2014-09-16
* Added CRC16 check for $T Sentences

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.1219 Released: 2014-06-16
* FIX: Improved parsing for AVL09

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.396 Released: 2014-01-31
* FIX: Improved handling of camera data.

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.394 Released: 2014-01-30
* FIX: Improved handling of camera data.

TZone Plugin v4.0.0.340 Released: 2014-01-20
* FEATURE: Added device type TZ-AVL201

TZone Plugin v3.1.0.5220 Released: 2013-10-03
* FIX: Parsing problem fixed when sending up buffered data.

TZone Plugin v3.1.0.5052 Released: 2013-08-27
* FEATURE: Connection pooling. Gives improved performance on large servers.
* FEATURE: Support for $T RFID reports.

TZone Plugin v3.1.0.5024 Released: 2013-08-19
* FIX: _TakePicture can now be executed when device is not connected.
* FIX: TZone plugin now works when Camera plugin is not installed.

TZone Plugin v3.1.0.5020 Released: 2013-08-16
* FEATURE: Device type TX-GT05 added.

TZone Plugin v3.1.0.5013 Released: 2013-08-15
* FEATURE: Support for new Camera plugin
* FIX: Null reference error.

TZone Plugin v3.1.0.4867 Released: 2013-06-19
* RFID and OdometerAcc now works for TZ-VN06

TZone Plugin v3.1.0.4698 Released: 2013-05-13
* HDOP should now work.

TZone Plugin v3.1.0.4632 Released: 2013-05-06
* Added device type TZ-AVL09

TZone Plugin v3.1.0.3928 Released: 2012-11-28
* "Switch1" added to TZ-GT09

TZone Plugin v3.0.0.3468 Released: 2012-06-16
* Device type TZ-GT09, TZ-GT08, TZ-AVL10, TZ-AVL02 added.

TZone Plugin v3.0.0.3460 Released: 2012-06-13
* Device type TZ-VN06 added.

TZone Plugin v3.0.0.3450 Released: 2012-06-09
* Signals Digital3 & Digital4 added to TZ-AVL08

TZone Plugin v3.0.0.3440 Released: 2012-06-04
* Device Type TZone AVL-08 added.
* Signals Digital3 & Digital4 added to TZ-AVL05

TZone Plugin v3.0.0.2915 Released: 2011-06-07
* RFID added in device mapper.

TZone Plugin v3.0.0.2803 Released: 2011-03-24
- Analog inputs now give correct values.

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Re: ChangeLog: TZone

Wed Apr 29, 2020 3:41 pm

TZone Plugin v5.0.0.4155 Released: 2020-04-29

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