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ChangeLog: Reporting

Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:02 pm

Patches and bug fixes for Reporting Plugin

More info on Reporting:

Reporting build 4274 Released: 2020-06-18

- Fix issue where showing the Report Definition column in Manage Reports could make the window crash.
- Fixed refreshing scheduler for reporting on servers with many applications.
Improved error logging.

Reporting build 4207 Released: 2020-05-14

- Fix NoteCategory Report Query to filter categories by application
- Fix issue in the Manage Reports window that made the window crash if its corresponding report definition was removed from the application.
- Re-added possibility to show Report Definition in the Manage Reports list. This was removed by mistake in April Release. (Right click table header to change its visibility).
- Fix issue that caused the reporting menu to not update when creating/deleting a report. Problem introduced in April Release.
- Fix error in query editor when using Microsoft SQL and having PassangerManager installed.
- Caused by failure fetching the query when having a columns of type DATE

Reporting build 4120 Released: 2020-04-20

- Fix issue in the Manage Reports window that made the window crash if its corresponding report definition was removed from the application.

Reporting build 4056 Released: 2020-04-16

- New UI for the Manage Reports window
- Only get report description from report definition when it's missing on the report

Reporting build 3988 Released: 2020-03-19

- Fix cases where variables set from a script expression could leak to "wrong" user when used in reporting.
- Report Argument Notifier did not properly resolve variables when using a scripted expression having multiple events active at once.
- Fix incorrect comparison not detecting a change when value monitoring is null
- This fixes IFTA report to not record state when exiting a state/district to an area where no geofence exists
- Fixed loading report definitions with Period parameters in SiteAdmin (was failing on MySQL 8.0.16+)

Reporting build 3863 Released: 2020-02-13
Compatibility release.

Reporting build 3664 Released: 2019-12-12
Compatibility release

Reporting build 3586 Released: 2019-11-14
- Fix Event Reports using POI Expression did sometimes miss when entering a POI (rare)

Reporting build 3490 Released: 2019-10-17
- Compatibility release.

Reporting build 3354 Released: 2019-09-19

- Users can now manually enter a date in the "Custom Period" section in report generation in VehicleTracker. This makes it easier to go far back in time.

Reporting build 3330 Released: 2019-08-15

- Activity system query now available in Reporting.

- Delete Scheduled report task when removing a report from an application by syncing it through templates

Reporting build 3246 Released: 2019-07-18

- Fixes to border color picker in report layout.
- Fix Reporting to reprocess data for "Speed Queries" if they have been modified.

Reporting build 2937 Released: 2019-04-17

Fix issue in BreadCrumb based reports causing rows to be incorrectly filtered when having one row per day.
Note: Data need to be reprocessed for the fix to take effect

Reporting build 2907 Released: 2019-03-14

- Tags can now be set when creating a new report in an Application Template
- Do not break page on header when generating a PDF report
- Fix report designer in site admin not loading the table editor.
- Report definitions are now exported also when only referenced under _ViewReports and not under _CreateReports

Reporting build 2564 Released: 2018-12-13

Lists and table-columns will now be sorted in a more intuitive way. Case-insensitive and numeric, i.e "vehicle3" will sort before "vehicle12".

Reporting v5.0.0.2442 Released: 2018-11-15

- Exposed Role, RoleUsers and RolePrivileges as Reporting SystemQuery

- Disable temporary table optimization for CurrentSignals reporting query

Reporting v5.0.0.2249 Released: 2018-10-18

- Fix report query optimizer, sometimes rewrote the query in such a way so that it failed to execute.
- Fix potential NullReferenceException when emailing reports
- Added more logging in case of failure while delivering email reports
- Fix handling of NaN/Infinity values is Max-,Min-,Sum-,Avg-,Distance- and ValueColumn

Reporting v5.0.0.2093 Released: 2018-09-20

- Fix driver was not properly resolved (sometimes) in arguments / scripts when processing report data for several days
- Fixed Notes Report query for MySQL installed on linux systems where table names are case sensitive
- Fix cleanup of reporting data. Some data could still be left prior the cleanup date.

- Store reporting state data in a more efficient way to consume less disk space

Reporting v5.0.0.1951 Released: 2018-08-16

- Added a search bar Report Manager window to be able to search for reports in the list.

- Fix Report Manager report definition dropdown menu becoming partly hidden on window resize

Reporting v5.0.0.1910 Released: 2018-07-19

- Read all source data to list when render to more quickly release DB resource
- Added setting: 'Reporting_CreateProviderTempTableAlwaysEnabled' which will enable the source data to be extracted into a temp table before composing the full query in opposite to only do that when provider data is used in a JOIN statement

- Fix resolving driver using 'context.Driver' in script expression when used in reporting
- Fix profiling labels when creating tmp tables

Reporting v5.0.0.1794 Released: 2018-06-14

- Distance in Event Reports was sometimes wrong.

Reporting v5.0.0.1611 Released: 2018-05-17

- Faster rendering. In some cases up to 50%.
- Faster reporting data processing when having FieldScripts
- Faster report data processing for scripted Event Expressions

Reporting v5.0.0.1552 Released: 2018-04-19

- Faster rendering
- 50% less disk usage for Event Reports.

- Fix "ReportDataProvider.ProcessDriver Owner: N/A (not locked with a LockObject)" error.
- Fix NullReferenceException when sending report to email
- Fix error logging/handling in SendReportOutgoing

Reporting v5.0.0.1357 Released: 2018-03-15

- Fix issue where newly created or modified reporting queries caused reports not to render.

Reporting v5.0.0.1309 Released: 2018-02-15

- Improves app creation time on servers with many applications

- The show report row on map feature more robust.
- When designing new reports process test data in service process instead of IIS
- Bug causing show "generate test data" dialog every time, now only of no data exists
- Populate the period and application to generate test data for from the selected query parameters
- Issue that could resulting in a "stuck" Processing Task

Reporting v5.0.0.1087 Released: 2018-01-15
- Faster processing.

Reporting v5.0.0.975 Released: 2017-12-14
- Report processing improved memory usage
- Report processing use less disk space / db space
- Made dropdown list of reports in VehicleTracker Report Manager searchable.
- Added a privilege for controlling access to the SOAP API (_SOAP)
- Rare problem with milisec glitch in fat points.

Reporting v5.0.0.756 Released: 2017-11-15
- Added NotesCategory to SystemQueries in Reporting
- Fix report notifications to only be sent when the report failed permanently
- Rare cases of stability on larger servers.

Reporting v4.0.0.5853 Released: 2017-10-19
- Added ObjectID field to Notes System Query in reporting. This field is the ID of the user the note is attached to.

Reporting v4.0.0.5828 Released: 2017-09-14
- Fix issue processing reports for drivers under some circumstances

Reporting v4.0.0.5674 Released: 2017-08-15
- Improved security. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.
- Added column type DistanceTrimStart
- Made User and Application drop down list searchable in Report generation and Report Query Parameter Selector in SiteAdmin.
- Fix: Fixes related to Archiving.
- Fix case where session.driver property in Scripted Event Rules sometimes was undefined even though a driver was logged-in on the vehicle.
- Fix report processing could fail or freeze without error when server under high load
- Fix potential bug causing report processing to get stuck/hang

Reporting v4.0.0.5342 Released: 2017-06-05
- Report processing now takes full advantage of a multi core/cpu server.
- Changed displaying error messages from using alert() to Franson.MUI.warning for reporting
- Fix slow listing of reports in application when having many (1000+)
- Fix many report slow down edit application in SiteAdmin

Reporting v4.0.0.5275 Released: 2017-04-26
- Fix: More reliable shutdown of service when Reporting run in multi-threaded mode.
- Fix: min/max methods from reports layout

Reporting v4.0.0.5208 Released: 2017-03-28
- Reporting server
- Added profiling for SOAP services
- Added "Notes" table to "System Query" list
- Added description column to applications system query

Reporting v4.0.0.5077 Released: 2017-02-16
- Improved rendering time for the reports that use Tag parameter and the application has lots of users and tags.

Reporting v4.0.0.4983 Released: 2017-01-11
- Improved performance when having many device mapper scripts
- Fix case where a non-empty report was detected as empty when having "Send if empty" option set to "No" in report schedule

Reporting v4.0.0.4857 Released: 2016-12-13
- Made listing of reports faster in Vehicle Tracker

Reporting v4.0.0.4827 Released: 2016-11-24
- Fix possible memory leak when aborting rendering of a PDF report
- Option to run each report processing task in parallel
- Fix error when rendering reports in some cases (ArgumentOutOfRangeException)

Reporting v4.0.0.4616 Released: 2016-10-11
- Don't retry report related commands that fails due to removed report
- Improved distance calculation when device sending erroneous odometer values
- When re-processing data, sometimes more data than necessary was reprocessed
- Fix report arguments passed from event rules was missing if the event spans over midnight

Reporting v4.0.0.4514 Released: 2016-09-13
- Fix case where event rule based reports could produce incorrect data for Scripted event rules
- Fix "CurrentSignals" table to be compatible with Patch.v4
- Fix distance could under some circumstances be incorrect
- User query filter inactive users (system users)
- Do not show all table columns for Scheduled reports at load

Reporting v4.0.0.4377 Released: 2016-08-10
- Fixed possible ArgumentOutOfRangeException when rendering report

Reporting v4.0.0.4287 Released: 2016-07-04
- CurrentSignals query made compatible for new track storage format
- Allow email to be send while other processing-tasks is executing (use separate queue)
- Added Scheduled Time to scheduled reports status
- Added "day of month" scheduling for reports.

Reporting v4.0.0.4140 Released: 2016-05-23
- Issue with Report Argument 11 -> 21
- Fix faulty data for Event Rule based reports when using POIExpression and jumping between different POIs within the same category
- Fix faulty data for Event Rule based reports when using some schedule configurations with "Finish events automatically when outside schedule" option enabled
- Fix error saving or rendering a report having many parameter values selected
- Fix Report rendering page stuck at "100%" when hiding period parameter
- Fix having OfflineExpression as end expression in event rule based reports

Reporting v4.0.0.3996 Released: 2016-04-25
- Added missing translation
- Fix invalid data was sometimes created when processing over daylight saving transition date
- Could not remove Report Argument Notifier from event rule unless it was the last one in the list

Reporting v4.0.0.3885 Released: 2016-03-21
* Fix IE Compatibility issues
* Support for 10 additional ReportArguments
* Event reports now support having delay event option in combination with scripted expression handling multiple simulatainous events.
* Fix weekly and monthly report period parameter could sometimes render the period before the selected one under some circumstances.
* Use functions in layout grouping expression
* Prevent user from deleting the last header-, footer- or item row in Report Designer. Should instead use visibility expression to hide

Reporting v4.0.0.3685 Released: 2016-02-08
* Fix "subset" parameter values was not included when using a "single value" parameter in combination with _PreventProcessDataOnDemand

Reporting v4.0.0.3675 Released: 2016-01-12
* Abort task from SiteAdmin -> Reporting -> TaskViewer
* Numeric strings (e.g. IMEI) in report layout should not be treated as number when no unit is selected
* Scheduled reports was sometimes not delivered when server was under high load
* Night processing of data will check dirty data for two days back instead of just one to avoid incomplete data when trackers sending up buffered data
* When having "_PreventProcessDataOnDemand" privilege, the user may select from any tag or user which is a subset of the tag(s) or user(s) saved with the report

Reporting v4.0.0.3569 Released: 2015-12-01
* Sending email report having "Send if empty: No" option enabled could sometimes fail
* Fix resolving of report argument value when event spans over several days

Reporting v4.0.0.3522 Released: 2015-11-17
* Added _PreventProcessDataOnDemand privilege.
- Users are only allowed to view prepared report data
- Users are only allowed to select from parameters defined when the report was created

* Performance improvements when processing data
* Processing data for a period spanning over daylight saving transition produced wrong data in some cases
* Reports using event rules having "Auto Trigger" delayed events did not work
* Reports disabled in an application (_ViewReport privilege) will not be prepared
* Task Viewer: fix calculation of Effective Time (same time was included multiple times for report processed as batch)
* Error rendering report when source data contains invalid characters such as control characters
* Fix cannot abort reporting task from Task Viewer
* Unit did not apply to Accumulator values
* Date and Time formatting in charts

Reporting v4.0.0.3336 Released: 2015-10-07
* Sort when having null values in sort expression will behave properly
* COUNT(variable) excluding null values in the count
* Aggregate function did not work if first value in result set was NULL
* COUNT(var) now returns 0 instead of nothing when result set is empty
* Don't render hidden columns when using CSV format

* Added [ReportDescription] render variable to include report description in the report
* Added option to not send scheduled reports when the report has no content
* New link-related report layout functions:
returns name of linked item or user by string id (DriverID-like data)

returns count of links in _Namespace on [UserID] at [Timestamp]

* Distance calculation helper added.

Reporting v4.0.0.3194 Released: 2015-09-08
* FIX: Distance calculation for drivers could under rare circumstances be incorrect
* FIX: Use of report.context.isLastInDay in script expression for reporting did not return correct value
* FIX: Description lost when report is saved

Added [Now] variable to insert "now" into the layout.

* SCRIPTING (Event Script):
- report.context.endEventOnPrevious
- report.context.endAllEventsOnPrevious
Useful when you want to create an event not including values from the message not fulfilling your condition into the event.

Reporting v4.0.0.3058 Released: 2015-08-11
FIX: Report expression parser did not handle scientific E notation
FIX: Events faulty ended at midnight even though no "Schema" was configured for the event rule.

Reporting v4.0.0.2969 Released: 2015-07-13
* FEATURE: New UI for Task Viewer (former known as Job Viewer)
- Allow grouping of result to easier find reporting bottlenecks
- Allow Abort of queued and pending report tasks

* FEATURE: EventScripting exposes Trip helper objects to create complex trip and idle style reports using Scripted Expression

* FIX: Resolving of DRIVER_XYZ variables for event report could fail under some circumstances
* FIX: Event did not "Finish events automatically when outside schedule" under some circumstances

* MISC: Support up to 11 report arguments

Reporting v4.0.0.2839 Released: 2015-06-02
* FIX: Improvements around delivery info and quota
* FIX: Fixed issue where, at occasion, no recipients where displayed for scheduled recipients
* FIX: Added a loading Spinner to Scheduled Report Status
* FIX: Various fixes when running reports for drivers
* FIX: Do not Process and send scheduled reports that have no recipients
* FIX: Cancel scheduled reports if their application has been deleted
* FIX: Update report/recipient status when a retry command permanently fails
* FIX: Added a Updated Last timestamp column when view/ing scheduled reports
* FIX: CSV and PDF reports containing comma (,) in name resulted in error when generated
* FIX: Job Viewer: Show effective time, Show time even though task failed and various UX improvements

Reporting v4.0.0.2737 Released: 2015-05-05
* FIX: false 'Sent' indication in Scheduled Reports view when a report didn't have any recipients

* OPTIMIZATION: Reduced memory usage

Reporting v4.0.0.2621 Released: 2015-04-08
* FIX: Localized dates in Scheduled Report status
* FIX: Various bugs when processing Geofence and POI event rules with the EventReportDataProvider

Reporting v4.0.0.2444 Released: 2015-03-03
* FIX: Aggregate functions (sum,avg,count etc) can be applied on custom-field values
* FIX: Report command retry mechanisms

Reporting: v4.0.0.2313 Released: 2015-02-09
* FIX: Report quota minor fixes (displayed messages)
* FIX: Various display issues when using Firefox
* FIX: Error creating application from template where template application used to contain reports now removed as a consequence of removing the report definition.

Reporting v4.0.0.2170 Released: 2015-01-13
* FEATURE: Introduced processing and rendering quota for reporting
* FIX: Draw tracks did sometimes not work if the track was short
* FIX: Show errors instead of empty report when the processing or rendering fails
* FIX: Handle reprocessing data from a state containing info of deleted device variables
* FIX: TimeResolution set to 24 Hour sometimes created duplicated records

Reporting v4.0.0.2078 Released: 2014-12-10
* FEATURE: Added CustomFields system table
* FEATURE: Providers can now include Heading

* FIX: Performance improvments rendering large PDF reports
* FIX: Various display fixes in report designer
* FIX: Can now use DRIVER/VEHICLE variables from event rules
* FIX: Various fixes when generating reports for drivers

Reporting v4.0.0.1965 Released: 2014-11-11
* FIX: Could not create copy of data provider if another one named "CopyOf[Provider name]" already existed
* FIX: Parameter values were reset when rendering a report as CSV or PDF

* FEATURE: name of the report is now included in the render window

Reporting v4.0.0.1759 Released: 2014-10-14
* Cleanup report data fixes
* Optimization of "CurrentSignals" system query

Reporting v4.0.0.1676 Released: 2014-09-16
* FIX: Timouts when rendering large reports

* FEATURE: $AccumulatorValue(name, userid, timestamp) function added

Reporting v4.0.0.1563 Released: 2014-08-12
* FEATURE: Updated Custom Field widget to include Fuel Consumption (if installed)

* FIX: Report no longer re-processed when Event Rule is updated. Reverted feature from last release.
* FIX: Event rules not bound to report parameter in SiteAdmin

Reporting v4.0.0.1357 Released: 2014-07-09

* FEATURE: Reports data is re-process when any of the following fields have been modified in an Event Rule: Schedule rule activity, Expressions or Report arguments in notifications.
* FEATURE: Added a CSV-ZIP Report Formats
* FEATURE: Added $CurrentAddress([UserID]) function to resolve the last known address for a user

* FIX: ReportParameter to consider "_ReadEventRule" privilege
* FIX: Tracks in reports works better when using Drivers.
* FIX: Report Data Sorting
* FIX: Handling of report layouts with empty regions.
* FIX: Event based reports with "inverted" schedule and "Finish events automatically outside schedule"
* FIX: Event based reports when gatemessage exists at exact schema start or end time.
* FIX: various bugs in Edit ReportDataProvider control when assigning database slots for columns
* FIX: Charts. Show DateTime in application timezone on axis labels.
* FIX: Charts. Can now set a fixed interval for axis labels => setting to 1 for text data solves the "not all vehicle names are displayed on X axis" issues.
* FIX: Removed PDF from Report Formats and replaced it with PDF-2
* FIX: Emulate scripted fields for csv reports too
* FIX: Case-insensitive lookup of scripted fields for reports

Reporting v4.0.0.1186 Released: 2014-06-09

* FEATURE: Localized Reports names. Added a new category (Names -> Reporting) for New Keys in the localization tool .

* FIX: Unable to load Report Data Provider state when containing ASCII control characters.
* FIX: Optimizations for large servers.
* FIX: Bug sending reports that does not have a period parameter.

Reporting v4.0.0.1021 Released: 2014-05-08

FIX: Reporting scheduler control now filters allowed renderers using _UseFormat privilege
FIX: Draw track from report fixed (missing toUniversalTime shift when fetching track data)

Reporting v4.0.0.822 Released: 2014-04-07
* FEATURE: Option to specify the file name of reports scheduled to file.Name is specified as template where default template is "[ReportName]_[Date].[FileExtension]" Available fields: [ReportName], [Date], [FileExtension], [UserName], [ApplicationName], [TimeStamp]]

* FIX: Minor problems in report charts.
* FIX: Write report to File no longer create a report for all users in application.
* FIX: Fix wrong period offset for custom period when sending report

Reporting v4.0.0.625 Released: 2014-03-19
* FEATURE: Charts can now be added to reports.
* FIX: PDF-2 reports now much faster and smaller.

Reporting v4.0.0.388 Released: 2014-02-06
* FEATURE: You can now create PDF reports in languages like Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Thai.

Reporting v4.0.0.242 Released: 2014-01-07
* FIX: MSSQL failed when having more columns in Event reports.

Reporting v4.0.0.152 Released: 2013-12-02
* FIX: FatpointResolution (trip row writer) will now consider first and last valid position as start and end of track.
* FIX: Tracks containing only invalid positions will be considered as "sleep" and not "run"

Reporting v4.0.0.84 Released: 2013-11-25
* FEATURE: Display arguments on reports based on Event Rules just adding them on the notification section.

Reporting v3.1.0.5397 Released: 2013-11-08
* FEATURE: Two applications can now process report data in parallel
* FEATURE: New privilege _UseFormat which sets which formats PDF, CSV and/or HTML that are available for the Application/Role.
* FIX: FatpointResolution now ignores invalid positions.
* FIX: More robust handling of Reporting data when Cleanup has removed Track data.

Reporting v3.1.0.5261 Released: 2013-10-16
* FEATURE: Support for Custom Fields.
* FEATURE: Improved performance.
* FEATURE: Support for Device Mapper Scripting.
* FIX: Some formatting issues.

Reporting v3.1.0.5113 Released: 2013-09-24
* FIX: Speed for invalid track points will not be used in event reports.

Reporting v3.1.0.5001 Released: 2013-08-13
* FEATURE: Added $first() and $last() aggregate functions to reporting.
* FIX: Reports with empty user or event rules parameter will no longer cause provider to process all data.
* FIX: Case when report data provider give wrong result.

Reporting v3.1.0.4891 Released: 2013-06-26
* FEATURE: Odometer is now unified.

Reporting v3.1.0.4829 Released: 2013-06-11
* FIX: Minor problems when reprocessing data fixed.

Reporting v3.1.0.4571 Released: 2013-04-24
* FIX: Minor problems resolved.

Reporting v3.1.0.4362 Released: 2013-04-08
* FIX: Reports not based on track data can now be emailed.

Reporting v3.1.0.4352 Released: 2013-03-09
* FEATURE: Print button. Enable with _PrintReport privilege.

Reporting v3.1.0.4291 Released: 2013-03-03
* FIX: Minor bug fixes.

Reporting v3.1.0.4264 Released: 2013-02-24
* FEATURE: User gets a notification in Map View when a report has finished processing.
* FEATURE: Tool in SiteAdmin to examine why a report is slow.

More info:

* FEATURE: Custom time period can now be used for scheduled reports.

Reporting v3.1.0.4070 Released: 2013-01-18
* Fix broken map links in reports
* Fix problem saving custom report
* Fix problem with unresponsive user interface after creating custom reports in following places:
   SiteAdmin -> View/Edit Application
   SiteAdmin -> Reporting
   VehicleTracker -> Render,Create/Edit report
   VehicleTracker -> Roles

* Reporting SOAP API:

Reporting v3.1.0.4019 Released: 2013-01-02
* Minor fixes used by Maintenance plugin.

Reporting v3.1.0.3926 Released: 2012-11-28
* Processing of reports more efficient.
* Last emailed reports listed under User Overview.

Reporting v3.1.0.3899 Released: 2012-11-19
* Reports can now be scheduled to be written to file. Useful for CSV export to a third party system. Or to file all PDF reports.
* Reports are now part of user overview. Right click on user and select "Overview".

Reporting v3.1.0.3858 Released: 2012-11-07
* Fix error when creating new Report Definition from "Empty"
* Fix CSV format to exclude report paging information

Reporting v3.1.0.3840 Released: 2012-11-05
* Support for PDF reports.
* You can now email reports to addresses that are not registered on the server.
* More flexible mechanism to hide/show fields when creating reports.
* Page and column width can now be set.

Reporting v3.0.0.3503 Released: 2012-09-10
* Support for off line reports, as an alternative to off line live event rules. More info:

Reporting v3.0.0.3483 Released: 2012-07-19
* Restored User.Surname + Users.Description which was removed in v3.0.0.3475

Reporting v3.0.0.3475 Released: 2012-07-06
* Added Email + IButton to User system query.

Reporting v3.0.0.3466 Released: 2012-06-29
* Added GeofenceID to Geofence system query.

Reporting v3.0.0.3443 Released: 2012-06-07
* Fixes calendar/clock problem when selecting custom period

Reporting v3.0.0.3435 Released: 2012-06-01
* Fixes problem with click actions. ("No position found" message)

Reporting v3.0.0.3433 Released: 2012-06-01
* Added on click action support to place a marker or draw track in vehicle map view directly from report.

Reporting v3.0.0.3410 Released: 2012-05-08
* Added option to send a report directly to the logged in user e-mail
* Fix slow removal of Report Definitions
* Fix various problems when removing custom report definitions
* Fix problem with event reports sometimes losing the event argument data

Reporting v3.0.0.3359 Released: 2012-03-06
* Improved night processing of data.
* New report definition can be created from custom ones and not only from imported templates.
* Report layout has two new functions: $next() and $previous() to access previous or next value in data range.
* Added User Description and Surname to User system query.
* Fix bug causing nightly process task to be unscheduled when deleting a custom report definition.
* Fix circular dependency bug when creating a query depending upon itself.
* Fix e-mail schedule to use application TimeZone instead of Site TimeZone. Released: 2011-12-22
* Support for time of day in custom period
* Prevented Email schedule of custom period (any existing ones remain untouched until re-saved)
* DataProvider now also displays Resolution data fields as available among Value columns
* Added "24 Hour" time resolution to create a new reporting data row on application local midnight

Reporting v3.0.0.3120 Released: 2011-11-17
* Features to support Fuel Report plugin.
* Fix e-mailing report to several recipients failing with file not found errors in log files.
* Fixed Report processing case.

Reporting v3.0.0.3102 Released: 2011-11-03
* Fix required only by users of Fuel Report plugin.

Reporting v3.0.0.3082 Released: 2011-10-14
* Fix many cases of unnecessary re-processing of report data.
* Note. Displaying report with period spanning over current date will almost always need reprocessing since new data is constantly sent to server.

Reporting v3.0.0.3077 Released: 2011-10-12
* Support for custom period.
* Reports will consider parameters when processing data. I.E: only required data will be processed when displaying a report not already processed during the night.

Reporting v3.0.0.3071 Released: 2011-10-02
* For developers only: Support for manually reprocessing data.

* Minor bug fixes and optimizations.

Reporting v3.0.0.3052 Released: 2011-09-15
* Support for translating reports.

* Support for Time and custom report parameters.

Reporting v3.0.0.3019 Released: 2011-08-11

More info:

Reporting v3.0.0.2817 Released: 2011-04-01

New features:
* Added sorting to Detailed Trip & Idle Report template

Reporting Plugin v3.0.0.2809 Released: 2011-03-28

New features:
* Create reports using Event Rules.

Reporting Plugin v3.0.0.2753 Released: 2011-02-15
- Fixed NullReferenceException when ColumnValueChanged is used.

Reporting Plugin v3.0.0.2743 Released: 2011-02-10
- Fixed Microsoft SQL Server support for reporting.
- Removed experimental TemplatedRenderer.
- Fixed Report parameter not consider local time. E.G: Daily parameter selected 00 -> 24 in UTC instead of 00 -> 24 local time.
- Fixed time spans in reports displaying "System.Byte[]".

Note! Please update "Detailed Distance Report" plugin after updating the Reporting plugin.

Reporting Plugin v3.0.0.2726 Released: 2011-02-03
- Fixed empty output for Distance reports.
  Symptoms: Setting up a report and display it in VehicleTracker did not result in any output when pressing "Generate".

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Reporting build 4274 Released: 2020-06-18

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