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Vehicle security: GPS Tracking

Tue Jul 09, 2019 7:43 am

I have been casually researching GPS tracking devices for automotive use over the past few months and have notice there is a wide range of applications, module types (interior vs exterior), subscription costs (yes vs no), range, hard-wired vs battery powered vs obd2, commercial vs personal, etc etc.

My logic is: after about a dozen years of being in the enthusiast world, I have come to notice that when vehicles get stolen, you typically have 12-24 hours to catch said thief before they strip and/or sell your car, unless you get lucky and they just keep it around for various reasons. So my logic is that I'd like something hidden enough so that if it were stripped, it would be close to the last thing they find, and preferably it can reach a satellite through fairly thick sheet metal. Of course, the flaw in this logic is that if were to be in a concrete building, it will not receive a signal, but at least it could leave a trace.

So if any one has experience, advice, or suggestions, please post up!... or maybe I'm just paranoid for considering any of this? This would be a for a Pre-OBD vehicle.

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