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Help with GT03F

Posted: Tue Nov 06, 2018 3:55 am
by baovietgps
I have a GT03 product, I am in Vietnam, I order it from alibaba. When sending the SMS setup command successfully, it is not online on the server.

"IMEI:868120197323303;VERSION:NT33_20_A1D_D23_R0_V14;SERVER:,8200;APN:m-wap,0;CSQ:8;GPRS:0;GPS:2;BAT:4.05;TIMER:20,20;SOS NUM:0903108661,,;ICCID:8984011602515306162F;IMSI:452019151711283;EURL:;BAT TEMP:0 "

In the GPRS message: 0, is this device domestic goods, only domestic, international use is not. Is there a way to open it works. Thank