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Instant fuel theft notification

Wed May 02, 2018 9:30 am

Dear colleagues.

Smart STM32-based electronic module of Eurosens Dominator fuel level sensor now can detect fuel fheft event and change the state of alarm discrete output. You can use this signal as an alarm input of your GPS tracker or connect relay. With relay you can control siren, light or videocamera. Connection to alarm input of GPS tracker may help with fast data transmission or SMS/Voice notification of driver.

Major advantage is faster response compared with GPS tracking platform fuel theft detection. Driver/owner can be informed about fuel theft and it will be not too late.
While sensor is connected to GPS tracker with RS232/RS485/CAN bus interface, you can use K-line/OUT wire as alarm output. Depending from connection you can switch built-on Pull-up resistor ON/OFF.

Fuel theft threshold (max. fuel consumption in liters per hour) must be set in confugiration software. And tank calibration table must be stored inside sensor.

Simple video

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