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Axle load and cargo weight monitoring

Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:22 am

Dear colleagues.
Axle load control and remote cargo weight monitoring is requested feature of GPS tracking systems by many customers.
So we designed Eurosens Difference onboard weighing system.


■ Individual axle load measurement for truck and trailer.
■ Cargo load calculation.
■ Axle overload alarm.
■ Show axle load and cargo weight at the driver’s display.
■ Transmit axle load and cargo weight values to the GPS tracking system.

Eurosens Difference system consist from 3 parts:


1. Sensors. You can use Mechatronics sensors or any other with voltage output (for example, strain gauges).
2. Difference-T controllers.
3. Display.


All calibrations, calculations are made by Eurosens Difference, so GPS tracker will receive ready data: axle loads, cargo weight.
Data are transmitted by RS485 interface, so you must need RS485 interface in GPS tracker.

System supports different configurations of truck/trailer suspension. Some of them you can see below






What you need to know:

■ Each sensor is connected via a Difference-T controller
■ The protocol of axle load transfer from Difference-T: LLS, each sensor under its own address (0-5).
■ If it is not necessary to measure the weight of the cargo (and warning about exceeding the axle load) – Display is not necessary.
■ The protocol for transferring cargo weight from Display: LLS (addresses 8-9, tractor and trailer)
■ When changing the semitrailer , the system continues to work if the new semitrailer is also equipped with sensors and Difference-T (with calibration). No reconfigurations are required.

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Re: Axle load and cargo weight monitoring

Mon Mar 26, 2018 8:44 am

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