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Teltonika CAN200 and FMA120

Tue Jul 25, 2017 2:34 pm


Im having difficulties configuring in the right way the CAN200.

This is how i connected the Device :
boiken lvcan200.jpg
boiken lvcan200.jpg (92.92 KiB) Viewed 3784 times
The steps I did are as below :

1)Started the Car Engine

2)Connected the LV CAN200 USB cable to FMA120 usb port

3)Connected the OBDII Male (that we conneted the CAN Wires and Power) to the Car OBDII female port

4)The CAN200 module blinks twice the red led and the FMA120 is ON

5)I left them connected for more than 6 hours

I Enabled all of the inputs of the CAN200 and still recieveng no values to the server.

Am i doing something wrong ?

I connected the Device to a car that is supported by CAN200 and to read the Engine RPM.

I Used the FM1120 Driver and mapped the CAN200 inputs as required. I also set the program for my specific vehicle

I have left the car with engine on but still no data

This is what i recieve ON the termal:

[2017-07-25 2:31:57.MD] ( Server: [0x00][0x00][0x00][0x01]
[2017-07-25 2:31:57.MD] ( Report: (coordinates) (0, 236) (7/25/2017 12:31:54 PM)(Acceleration=0 x)(Fuel level=0 x)(EngineRPM=0 x)(Total Fuel Used=0 x)(Speed=0 x)(_MaintenanceDue=False x)
[2017-07-25 2:31:57.MD] ( Client: [0x00][0x00][0x00][0x00][0x00][0x00][0x00]C[0x08][0x01][0x00][0x00][0x01]]y[0xBB]r[0x90][0x00][0x0B][0xD1][0xE1][0xF9][0x18][0xA2]N[0x10][0x00]n[0x00][0xEC][0x0D][0x00][0x00][0x00][0x08][0x02]Q[0x00]R[0x00][0x02]T[0x00][0x00]U[0x00][0x00][0x03]S[0x00][0x00][0x00][0x00]W[0x00][0x00][0x00][0x00]d[0x00][0x00][0x00][0x88][0x01]e[0x0E][0xDF][0xEF]y[0xC8][0x93][0xD4][0xC4][0x01][0x00][0x00][0xBF][0x0C]
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