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TKSTAR TK905 "no data Available in application terminal"

Sun Jun 25, 2017 6:37 am


I have been trying to make this work for almost 2 days now, TK905 when i add the device in tracker application the icon remains grey and terminal shows "no data available"

- in the site admin -> system tools -> terminal it shows

[6/25/2017 12:24:06 AM] ( Client: [SG*9051016845*00B7*UD,250617,042405,A,43.705236,N,79.646783,W,0.1296,000,1,08,60,70,0,50,00000000,6,1,302,720,4400,25701,127,17400,32552,123,4400,27212,122,17400,25042,122,4600,28121,122,4400,27211,120,,00]
[6/25/2017 12:23:11 AM] ( Connect

- in the site admin -> device panel it shows incoming connection but no "unknown devices"

any help will be really appreciated!

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