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Fuel consumption control from company "Mechatronics

Fri Jun 23, 2017 8:36 am

Dear Colleague,

Our company JSC Mechatronics ( is a manufacturer of
sensors for telematic industry. We produce fuel level sensors and
fuel flow meters for remote fuel consumption monitoring.

Let me give you information about our production:

1.Fuel level sensor Dominator .
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It has:
- traditional capacitive method of measurement;
- improved design;
- resolution in 0.15 mm;
- 2 models - Dominator AF (voltage/frequency output) and Dominator RS (RS232/485 combo interface)

Main design feature is that you can buy/replace/connect parts of
sensors in desired length/type. Length can be any – even 6 meters!

The advantages are:
- stock flexibility;
- the sensor can be replaced by the customer with no additional
expenses (travelling cost is among most important expenses in GPS tracking
-no need to recalibrate tank after change sensor;
- sensors have many settings (averaging, protection, thermo-correction etc) which can be made via USB-service tool from PC;
- 5 Years of warranty.

We tried to make buyer expenses as low as possible during all operation life of sensor (5-10 years). It is very reliable, can be
easy de-installed, moved to another vehicle, replaced by customer etc. Replacing of sensor cost more than sensor
itself, thats why we are more expensive than China's devices but more profitable during all operation life of system.

Also for big tanks (>2 meters) price of long Dominator sensor will be cheaper even
than cheap China products, because it is consist from several standard

2. Fuel flow meters
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- can be installed on any engine (including 500hp engine);
- have simplified smart installation and provide great precision;
- possess built-in thermocorrection.
Fuel flow meters are unique devices that can measure fuel consumption
precise at any conditions.

3. Axle load sensors for vehicles.
не.jpeg (66.26 KiB) Viewed 2543 times
4. New ultrasonic non-invasive luquid level sensor Eurosens Dizzi.

Can measure not only diesel fuel but many other liquids too. Gasoline,
LNG, Acids, etc. And one more advantage of this sensor – is that it is not needed to drill the tank, so it is fixed at the bottom of the tank.

For any information, please contact -

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