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External battery Tk-102

Thu Apr 14, 2016 4:21 am

GPS trtacker friends,
I struggle in finding a long-lasting external battery pack for my Tk-102 tracker.
After trying several power-Banks, it seems they charge the Tk-102 only 1 X time, without providing permanent-continiously power to my track-device.
Did anyone have found a solution for keeping the Tk-102 longer functioning than 1 week or more ?
What battery pack works un-interrupted powering the Tk-102 ?
Model of battery, power-bank (or need other connecting-cable)..
PLEASE help..
Thanks in prior for your time,
Athens, Greece

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Re: External battery Tk-102

Fri Mar 02, 2018 10:42 pm

Hi Sakis. What I share my experience of using the tracker tk-102b. I am using it the with updating position on the site
1 time per 20 seconds all time. I found a few samples power banks which charge the tracker all time until power bank charging level drops to 0%.The model of power bank is the Remax Proda Black 30000 mah with 2 usb ports and 1 flash light.
Please note there are two possible colors for the power bank: white and black. White power banks of this model
I bought in recent time do not work fine, it stops on some level and it requires to press ON button on power bank to continue charging. Although I have 2 white Remax Proda which work relatively fine (up to 4-7 days with updating position on the site 1 time per 20 seconds).
The Black Remax Proda instances work much better than white ones. I bought a few instances of black power banks from one merchant (which stopped selling of the Remax proda a few month ago). One instance works near 8 days. But black proda power banks I got lastly does not work fine with tk-102b although these instances look like charging mobile devices like iphone, samsung galaxy much better. The seller I mentioned said that this kind of power bank cannot charge devices with lower power supply and suggested to buy xiomi 20000 mah which I'm testing at the moment (the tracker worked 1.5 days with it thenn it was required to press the 'on' button on power bank to continue working till charge drop to 0% with addional 4 days of working tracking time). The black 'hoco' is not working too. Still trying to find a stable power bank solution for tk-102, it looks like we have to find a power bank with support of charging devices with lower power supply and a big capacity.

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