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advice on device?

Thu Jun 04, 2020 11:39 pm

Hello All, I am new to this forum and solutions. We want launch a tracking service offering and GPSGate is a great solution for us. It covers +90% of our system requirements right out of the box (so to speak). I have read a lot of the tracker specific posts on this forum and read through the guides before posting. I see the platform is flexible and works with a bunch of different devices. I have a really short amount of time to review devices so appreciate any advice you can provide on reliable low cost devices to review.

Cost, signal strength, and battery life are they key factors for us. Devices will need to send and receive signals from within a wood box Device will only need to be accurate within 25 feet of location and update location once a minute. The key data to track for us is the location. If possible, we would like a device that has or can also support sensors: accelerometer, temperature, and humidity. This is more want than need.

Phone Do you recommend using a cheap android for this application? It helps with cost and it has the built-in battery and sensors. Can always add a battery charger. But how well does that integrate into the software? Has anyone tried this option?
Off the shelf tracker Any recommendations for a low cost and reliable model that integrates well with the software?
Home grown device I am trying to avoid this option for the short term but if we cannot find a reliable and accurate solution that incorporates sensors this may be the next step. Has anyone tried a build a device using one of the SIMXXX chipsets? Did it integrate well with the software? Which plug-in did you use?

I know I asked a lot of questionsbut will appreciative response on any part of it. I am just not sure which device to review first given a very short review period.

Thank you.

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