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Queclink GV55 ignition and battery level/voltage

Sat May 04, 2013 5:52 pm


I am not getting the excpected signals from a new Queclink GV55 device.

The standard GV55 device mapper is used, except for:
Ignition = OnDuty, BatteryPercent=BatteryLevel

For both GTINF and GTFRI I am getting OnDuty/Ignition on constantly, and I do not get the batterylevel or the battery voltage. In the terminal data below, device state/status is 41 (sensor rest, no ign, no movement)

Please also note that GTINF reports external battery voltage but this signal is not available for mapping for the GV55 device type. Can you please add BackupBatteryVoltage?

I have the @Track Air Interface Protocl doc version 1.03 for the GV55 tracker. The protocol version is 0F0103 (GV55 SW version 0304)

I have also tested using the GV200 driver but the results are the same.

Terminal data
[04.05.2013 15:21:21] ( Report: Invalid (0, 0) (null) (04.05.2013 13:19:21)(Speed=3,81 x)(BatteryLevel=0 x)(OnDuty=True x)(_Brukstid=0 x)(_DateTimeServer=04.05.2013 13:21:21 x) x
[04.05.2013 15:21:21] ( Client: +RESP:GTINF,0F0103,868034001623313,,41,89470010120511043591,29,0,0,0,,3.9,0,0,,,20130504131921,,,,00,00,+0000,0,20130504132143,012D$

[04.05.2013 15:19:00] ( Report: (10,045869, 59,058604, 76,5) (3,81, 334) (04.05.2013 13:19:21)(BatteryLevel=0 x)(Speed=3,81)(OnDuty=True x)(_Brukstid=0 x)(_DateTimeServer=04.05.2013 13:19:00 x)
[04.05.2013 15:19:00] ( Client: +RESP:GTFRI,0F0103,868034001623313,,,10,1,1,13.7,334,76.5,10.045869,59.058604,20130504131921,0242,0001,2FA9,1B91,00,0.0,,,,64,410000,,,,20130504131922,012C$

Please check this.

Thank you!

Best Regards,

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Re: Queclink GV55 ignition and battery level/voltage

Sat Mar 07, 2020 4:54 am

hi husky92,

Do you solve this problem ?


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Re: Queclink GV55 ignition and battery level/voltage

Mon Mar 30, 2020 2:31 pm

Hello, I also faced the same problem, try to use the GV75 mapper and use the HEX protocol on the GV55 that will work.

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