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Teltonika devices and zero support: Did I get two duds?

Thu Oct 11, 2018 9:44 am

I ordered a couple sample devices from Teltonika (the FMB001 and the FMB920) with the intent of piloting them for a large client of ours.

After receiving the devices, I plugged them into my computer to make the necessary configurations and...nothing. No lights appear, no device is registered on the computer, etc. They both look completely dead.

After emailing the sales rep who I had been speaking to about them and had ordered them from, he said to plug the FMB001 into an OBDII port to charge (which doesn't make any sense because if we're planning to deploy hundreds of these, we're not going to plug every single one into a car just to charge. Plus, the FMB920 isn't OBDII and it's still dead, how do you charge that?)

The rep has now gone silent on email and isn't picking up his phone leading me to believe that we're out-of-pocket on the samples and there is no further support coming. A bit short-sighted seeing as we planned to order a lot more.

Anyone else had a similar experience with Teltonika devices? Is their QA THAT bad?

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