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SerialNET.dll not working on a HP iPAQ 214 pocket

Sat Feb 07, 2009 1:52 am

Is there someone who can help me please?
I am using the SerialNET.dll version 1.0.411.33652 to make a HP iPAQ 214 pocket PC to communicate with an external device using a BilliOnton compact flash serial I/O adapter.
The O.S. installed in the PPC is Windows CE 5.2.1711 (Windows Mobile 6 Classic).
Unfortunately the DLL seams not to work properly: it sends messages to the external device but it does not react when the device answers to such messages.
The "OnRead" event infact is not raised so the input byte stream is not acquired. I get the same result is if I try to read the stream using the "Read" function of the SerialNET.Port object.
The amazing think is that the same software works if installed on a HP iPAQ Serie hx2100 pocket PC onto which the Windows Mobile 4 O.S. is installed (and the same serial I/O adapter is used).
Thanks in advance for any help.
Regards to all.

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