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Franson ST over USB

Wed Nov 19, 2008 5:01 pm

I use currently FrST+NSB to write apps for rs232 communication with lab and field instruments, using COM1.
My actual stock hw-system: HP iPAQ hx2190, os WinCE5.0.

Questions about use of FrST over USB:
1)I did try USB/rs232 adapter (consumer type) connecting USB on PDA-side and rs232 on PC-side and it apparently doesn't work. (Could it also be a problem of USB host/client capabilities of the PDA?)
2)Need I to set some instructions or parameters in the code of port settings in particular?
3)Is there a driver or a library to install in the system to handle virtual COM ports or to allow detection of in-plugged USB/rs232 adapter.
4)Mainly I need to know what happens with a virtual COM port & USB, so I eventualy can build an USB/rs232 microcontroller (e.g. Atmel AVR) based conversion device.
Many thanks for suggestions,
Christian Holtz

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