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Thread port.Onread

Thu Jan 03, 2008 4:07 pm

Hay there,

I have the following question: I have an application which sends 10 times a second a message over bluetooth.
On a PDA I want to read this messages. So I build an application in C# to do that.
the Application is like this:

private void portIn_OnRead(string Data)
ChatDisplay(Data); //to make visible what is sended

My problem is that the onread is called again before the message has been deployed. Message contains some graphical things and so on, so it take a while to have that finished.

My question is: how can I put the Onread function temporary on hold during deploying the received message. It isn't a big deal if I don't get all the messages. I don't have the possibility to send less messages.

I would appreciate some help. Many thanks in advance,

Best regards,


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