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I cannot install the "SerialCE.arm.CAB"

Tue Oct 09, 2007 8:51 pm

1) I cannot install the "SerialCE.arm.CAB" in my device (Windows CE 5.0 with pxa270) because:

"The aplication cannot run on this device type.
please intall the application specific to this device type."

2) I cannot to run the ".NET Compact Framework 2.0 samples" because:

"SerialTools is not properly installed. Visit franson.com/serialtools for instructions on how to install it"

3) I dont have any problem with a Pocket PC.

¿What I have to do?


David Garrido

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RE: I cannot install the "SerialCE.arm.CAB"

Wed Aug 06, 2008 2:37 pm

Windows CE / Pocket PC
for this
you must download "SerialTools RunTimes"


you get: "SerialToolsCERunTime.exe"

run this ... while your PPC is connected

even the .NET Version from www.franson.com "SerialNET.dll"
need this installations-process

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