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Serialtools locks on incoming comport

Wed Jan 10, 2007 10:26 pm

Hi, I have an app running in VB6.
I have the normal comports 1&2 and I have a usb Bluetooth device that is COM13 as Incomming and COM14 as Outgoing.
Comports 1,2 and 14 all work fine. Com 13, which is for an external Bluetooth device to connect to the PC, if I open that port and write to it it never returns from wherever it is. VB IDE is dead and I have to end the process. This only happens to comports that are Incomming.
My routine is looping thru all the comports, opening it and sending a test string to see if the normal serial device is there. But, as I said, when it encounters this 'Incomming' port is just hangs. Other than baudrate all settings are defaults.

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