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Wed Jul 06, 2011 9:00 pm

I'm tring to create a simple sms using VB6, there is a generic i have but don't have the source code for and it will recieve and send sms, but i need it to do just a little more, so i'm designing a new one, i have my project sending great, and it will recieve, but somtimes i thing messages get held in memory of the sim or in the modem "Mulit Modem" using a at&t sim card. The thing is when i open the old software it will start listing all the sms's that has been sent. "Also the old software uses the Serialnet.dll also" so is there a function that i'm not calling with the serialnet.dll that i should be? My incoming code looks like this.

Private Sub objPort_OnRead(Data As Variant)
If IsNull(Data) Then
' Timeout
txtRead.Text = "Timeout"
Text5.Text = Data & Now & vbNewLine
end if
End Sub


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