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Do all GPS devices have serial drivers

Posted: Mon May 17, 2010 11:33 pm
by pem
I want to read NMEA data from a GPS device and store the data in a file. I will also have another device connected to the computer's serial port that provides NMEA data.
Do all GPS devices have a serial driver? I connected a Garmin GPSMap 376C to a computer and it appears as a USB device in the Device Manager. I could not see any data using Hyper Terminal, which leads me to believe there is no USB to Serial driver in the Garmin drivers. Does this mean that the Serial Tools would not work for this device?

Can I use Serial Tools for both devices or do I need to use Serial Tools for the serial device with NMEA data and GPS Tools for the GPS that may not have a serial driver?
I was hoping that Serial Tools would be sufficient but I am concerned about the Gamin device I have.

Thank you, phil