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Toshiba Stack and OnForceClose

Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:42 am

I am evaluating the SerialTools as a replacement for the Microsoft SerialPort...

Am I out of luck if I am trying to use the OnForceClose with the Toshiba stack? Does it not generate the expected Windows error upon disconnect? I can not get the OnForceClose to fire.

Interestingly, I do see that SerialTools sets the port.enabled to "false", but it does not fire the OnForceClose event and it does not set the pot.enabled property reliably either.

Also, my serial connection uses the Carrier Detect signal to indicate the BT connection is operational. With SerialTools and the Microsoft SerialPort the CD signal is set "true" when a BT conection is made. With the MS Port, disconecting the BT would set the CD signal to "false". This does not happen with SerialTools.

Any insight would be helpful.

Thanks -AP

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