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Language translation in GpsGate Server

Wed Feb 13, 2008 7:01 pm

Language translation in GpsGate Server

(for the newest Localization Editor guide visit this guide)

With version 1.3 (and later) of GpsGate Server it is possible to localize your installation from the default English to a language of your choice. The server can have a default language, and each application and user can have individual language settings. Any number of languages can be installed on one server. This is a step by step-instruction how to do this

1. The default language of the interface in GpsGate Server is English, and in order to change to your own language you need to make your own language-file.

1 a) If You have a server hosted on, please find sample lang files to use as templates here:
Download lang files
Send the translated lang file to support for installation on your hosted server.

1 b) If you have your own GpsGate Server installed put the translated lang file in YourInstallPath/Resources/Languages

3. Each button/textfield/table/link in the GpsGate Server interface is represented in the .lang-file by a Phrase Key with a text attached, like in the picture below:

By changing the text “Start” to “Hello” you will change the text visible in the interface, and the Start-button in the Tracks-window in VehicleTracker will display the text Hello instead of Start.

Note that the text editor you use must support UTF-8. And do remember to save the file as UTF-8!!

Copy the English.lang-file in the Resources-folder and open the copy with a program such as BabelPad:
BabelPad Download

And start translating the text for each Phrase Key. If you want to be able to use a charset-standard such as UTF-8 with support for languages such as Russian or Chinese, you have to use BabelPad. If you are only translating using Latin-chars you can use Notepad.

Make sure you go through all the different scenarios that are possible in both VehicleTracker and BuddyTracker, including error-messages and tool-tips. Any .lang file in the Resources-folder will appear as a language option in the GUI later.

Editing the Lang-file

In the .lang file there is a line stating Language lng=”English” enablecache=”false”

Replace the “English” with whatever language you wish to localize to as this is the text that will appear as an option in the GUI.

When you feel you are done with the translating you should set the enablecache=”false” to “true” as this will enable caching for your chosen language, making the Web Browser a lot faster.

5. When you have done this, Logon as the SiteAdmin and go to the Settings-window, select the language of your choice and click the Save-button and then click on the “Reload Language file”-button, this will force the GUI to use your selected .lang-file instead of using anything cached.

As a SiteAdmin you can select which localized .lang file you want to offer as a default option for all users in BuddyTracker and VehicleTracker by selecting it in the list of “Available languages” and click on the Save-button. This will then be the language that is the default option for any user logging in. In the VehicleTracker GUI there is also the option for users to select between the different .lang files by going to Settings – Localizing and choosing the language of your choice, this option will then override any default option selected by the SiteAdmin.

Web Hotel

If your installation is on a shared host such as a Web Hotel you don't have the option of using the Installation Wizard. You need to manually add the Resources-folder to the same place where you have your GpsGate Server installation.

If you have any questions we recommend you to visit our forum for GpsGate Server

The lang file does not show up in the drop down! - Common errors
1. Check that the XML syntax is correct. Make a copy of your .lang file, change the extension to .xml and open it in Internet Explorer by double clicking on it. Internet Explorer will now verify the file, and display any errors.

2. Check the rights on the file. When you copy the file to the web folder, make sure the web server has right to read the file.

There you have about 99.99% of the errors... :-)

You can avoid errors with an XML editor!
To avoid getting syntax errors you can also use an XML editor, such as XML Notepad from Microsoft:
XML Notepad Download

Follow the steps below to translate a file using XML Notepad:

1. Open your file in XML Notepad

2. Click on "Expand All" in the "View" menu, it should now look like this:

3. Translate each "#text" object in the file (do not change any other fields!)
- Double-click the corresponding text field in the right window, such as "GpsGate Server - Login"
- Translate the text
- Select the next "#text" object by double-clicking the next text field, such as "Username"
- Do this with all the text fields you want to change

4. Save the language file

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