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Difference between time threshold and Return count

Tue Oct 09, 2007 2:16 am


Please, can you tell me, what is the difference between below mentioned preferences on gpsgate.com and preferences in Setup for GlobalSat TR 102?

On GPSGATE.COM I can choose under Preferences/Track settings/Time Threshold: for example 60 or 70,80, 180... seconds.

When I setup my TR 102 - I can choose in "TR 102 Call Center"/Management/Setup/Phone Mode in the field "Return Count" - for example: 1, 2 or 10 minutes.

For example, when I choose on gpsgate.com - 240 seconds. Which value should I choose in the field "Return Count" (In this field I can input the time period for gps fixing)?

Thank you for your help.

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RE: Difference between time threshold and Return count

Wed Oct 10, 2007 7:24 pm

Hello. The Return Count in the internal TR 102 menu is how long you want the GPS to try and get a position, if you put it to 3 minutes it means that when the device wakes up from sleep-mode it will try to attain its position for a maximum of 3 minutes. This value can be set between 1-10 minutes.

As of build 306 on GpsGate.com, the Time treshold-setting in the Web GUI at Preferences/TrackSetting for Globalsat TR 102 decides how often you want the device to leave sleep-mode and attain/send its position to GpsGate.com. If you set it to 300 seconds the device will wake up from sleep-mode and get a GPS-fix and send this position every 5 minutes. It will try to get a position for the maximum time-period specified in Return count. This value can be set to between 60-86400 seconds (1 minute to 24 hours)

Please note that if this setting is set to less then 120 seconds, the device will never enter sleep-mode, and it will send its position to GpsGate.com every 60 seconds (and use up more battery power this way), therefore its recommended to use a setting above 120 seconds if you wish to conserve the battery.

So in fewer words:
Return count in the internal Tr 102-menu decides how long the device will try and get a GPS fix once ordered to. It will give up after this time has passed even if a proper fix hasnt been achieved, if it does get a good fix however it will stop before the set time period.

Time treshold in the Gpsgate.com Web GUI decides in what intervals the device should wake up and get a GPS fix + send a position to GpsGate.com.

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