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Update frequency of Map

Sun Sep 09, 2007 2:29 pm


Is it possible to update the frequency in which the plot of a persons current location is shown using GPSGate Server? Currently I have the GPSGate client updating every 2 seconds, however the actual plot shown on the Google map using the GPSGate server webpage only update every approx. 10 seconds.



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RE: Update frequency of Map

Mon Sep 10, 2007 2:50 pm

Yes, though currently the interfaces to do this aren't yet official (i.e are subject to change)

* VehicleTracker:
Line 75: vtMain = new Franson.VehicleTrackerMain();
Insert: vtMain.vTracker.setUpdatePositionsInterval(2000); // (ms) update every 2s.

* BuddyTracker:
Line 11: g_buddyTrackerMain = new Franson.BuddyTrackerMain();
Insert: g_buddyTrackerMain.m_buddyTracker.m_groupMgr.setUpdateGroupMembersInterval(2000);

Keep in mind that the update intervals affect performance.

We're currently working on a settings/configuration interface intended to expose these kind of parameters to the user. Expect to see this in the near future.


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