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GpsGate Server 1.1

Thu Dec 14, 2006 6:01 pm

GpsGate Server 1.1

GpsGate Server - Live position tracking

1. Introduction

Run live position services and mapping on your own server, or web hotel. GpsGate Server will get you up and running in no time.

Phone + GPS Use a cell phone + bluetooth GPS to send position data to GpsGate Server. The phone must support JSR-82. Note that you can configure GpsGate Mobile to send data to your own server.

Pocket PC + GPS or Laptop + GPS to send data to GpsGate Server. Note that you can configure GpsGate to send data to your own server.

Receive data on a Pocket PC or Laptop. Either redirect data to your own GPS application, or use client SDK to integrate position data to a GpsTools application (or similar). More info

Custom maps and Google maps. GpsGate Server will allow you to track objects on your own imported map or Google Maps in a browser. Live!

GPRS + GPS devices If you have custom "black box" GPRS + GPS tracking devices, please contact us, and we'll help you to integrate them to GpsGate Server. StarsNav PT33 & Rover are supported, read more

2. Typical things you can do using GpsGate Server

Track your vehicle fleet. Send and receive information from the drivers.

Broadcast a boat race with live position tracking over the Internet

Extend your current business system with position aware functionality.

Integrate mapping and live position functionality to your homepage.

And more...

3. Technology

The server is built around .NET, you can use MySQL as database. GpsGate Server can be installed
on a dedicated server.

Clients are built around .NET CF and J2ME. Since you can access the server functionality with
web services, other languages can be used as well.

View maps, tracks, reports and live objects in a browser using AJAX technology.

For none commercial project you can use Google Maps as map database, for commercial projects
(which Google prohibits) you can use GpsGate Server's web control which works the same way as Google's for custom maps.

4. Where can I get this?

For more info please contact us at

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