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Impossible to Choose an option from SiteAdmin [STRANGE ISSUE]

Sat Sep 21, 2019 8:52 pm

Hello, I use GpsGate since 2015 smoothly but yesterday I stumbled upon a strange issue. I cannot chosse ANY tab or OPTION in Site Admin application. Either remote or in the native machine that hosts the Gps Gate server.

My server runs updated to date, everything is updated, java sql etc.

I tried with almost every browser and simply I cannot "Click" anything!!! Neither settings - maps - System tools or even the options in the default tab "Applications".

The only browser that works is IE in the native machine that runs GpsGate server.

When I load the application, tracking options reports etc runs fine.

Server runs in windows 7 OS.

Took a screenshot, witch I attach.

Does anybody have had this issue?

Thanks a lot.
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