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February 2019 - Updates and new features.

Thu Feb 14, 2019 12:25 pm

February 2019 - Updates and new features.

Click on "Update All" under Plugins in SiteAdmin to update all plugins.

If you have not updated Core to v5 yet GpsGate might tell you to install Java on your Windows server first.

Please check deprecated plugins and features!

Updates.v5 build 2819 Released: 2019-02-14

Event Panel:

The number of events will be shown in the event panel tab title.
Added support for picking a specific time interval when searching for events.
Added missing localizations in the event panel.
Event notifications are now off by default.
Larger max event rules limit (1000 instead of 100/200).
Fixed 'Filter on Events' quick filter in Vehicle list
Fixed event list flickering while a vehicle filter is enabled
Events and Vehicles top menu items will now show the same number as the respective panel title, i.e. "Events (6)" panel title will now show "Events (6)" in top menu.


Replaced all old components in the geofence panel with new frontend components
Added formatting help when importing geofences
Fixed import issue when having "nautic" instead of "meters"
Fixed issue with multiple context menus being opened at the same time


VehicleTracker's window/tab title will now be updated dynamically to say: "YourCurrentApp | YourCurrentView" for easier navigation if you have multiple tabs open
Press and hold "p" to peek the underlying map. Vehicles, geofences, POI:s etc are temporarily dimmed for quick and easy inspection without loosing your focus.


Setting optimizations
Performance improvements while a vehicle list filter is enabled
Faster login.


Allow to persist the result of device mapper field scripts. Save Custom Field History! Save key=value data from device!
Added DriverID to UserEditModel
Click script editor output wasn't showing html symbols right.


Fixed issue when importing multi-part KML files as geofence to multiple applications.
Fix issue with not being able to log in with username and password in URL
Fix issue that users were not redirected to /m when accessing GpsGateServer from mobile device
Fix case where Event Rules creates excessive amount of garbage rows in database causing performance degradation.
Fixed "Failed to save some settings" error message when saving Vehicle Marker Settings. Added a more user friendly notification that some settings can't be saved to the Default workspace (which was why the error was displayed).
Fixed Custom Maps failed to load. (bug introduced in January Release)
Editing a Custom Map layer in SiteAdmin didn't respond to input.
Reload language after clicking 'Save & Reload' in the Localization editor
Fixed rare problem to open Device Mapper Script editor.
emails with dash right before @ are valid. (example "a-@a.a")
Fix missing localization of "Vehicle info" top menu item

Publish build 2819 Released: 2019-02-14

Compatibility release.

Dispatch build 2778 Released: 2019-02-14


Added getLatestCompletedJob() call to Dispatch event scripting.

Maintenance build 2758 Released: 2019-02-14

More robust Archiving

Track replay build 2571 Released: 2019-02-14

Added human list sort

Dashboard build 2778 Released: 2019-02-14

Compatibility release.

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