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Re: BETA releases for upcoming December 13th Release

Posted: Tue Dec 11, 2018 5:56 pm
by johan
Updates.v5 build 2592

Event panel:
- Pan to event marker on event click
- Context menu on right click on event marker

Re: BETA releases for upcoming December 13th Release

Posted: Thu Dec 13, 2018 11:15 am
by johan
Dispatch build 2607

Release notes:


All of our changes this month are about making Dispatch easier to use for new customers and improving the core workflow for everyone. We added inline help text and changed a lot of our labelling so that you can get started without feeling like you need to read a manual. The new drag and drop card workflow makes it easy for operators to assign jobs and routes. Operators receive guidance to get workers online and completing jobs with the Dispatch app. More powerful search and a clutter-free panel ensures operators aren't wasting time looking for things instead of managing the workforce. Read our full notes below.

Invite your mobile workforce to connect to Dispatch via SMS with our new app connect workflow
Our CSV import feature now offers line by line feedback on import errors and the option to export just the failed lines to a new CSV file for fast turnaround on fixes
Workers can now discuss their jobs with operators by adding comments to their jobs at any time in the app
A new automation window now contains the previously available "autocomplete jobs" feature and a new feature called "automatic dispatch."
Operators can configure a time of day where all jobs that have been assigned to a worker but not yet dispatched, will be dispatched to their worker

User interface

Hovering on a route now brings up a summary panel with stats on the jobs contained in the route
An icon will now appear next to workers that do not have an associated Dispatch app and let you invite them to connect via SMS
Phone number field has been added to the Dispatch unit user type for use in app connect workflow


Dispatch app errors from your workers are now logged to your own GpsGate server log files
You are now able to export any worker's job list as a CSV file for use in your own systems



Our point to point ETA feature is now available in Dispatch scripting

User interface

The date picker now includes helper buttons to quickly scroll between dates
Form properties are now more clearly indicated as disabled when they are not interactive


The Dispatch search now also checks against Job and Route ID

Logging out of the Dispatch app will now not clear the server setting. You can optionally clear this whilst you are logged out


Rewrite of the Dispatch app networking code, eliminating some data synchronisation issues