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Breadcrumb report missing speed data

Thu Jul 19, 2018 5:58 pm


We are having an issue with the BC1000 Breadcrump report. If you look at the file for 227G, you will see that the report is correct. This vehicle is using a Sierra Wireless GX450 modem. The following settings are used in GPSGate for this vehicle:
Device Type: Sierra Pinpoint XT
DeviceMapper : Sierra Pinpoint XT Default Mapper
Phone number +170912345657

The second report for Truck 066 is missing most if not all of the speed information. This vehicle is using a Cisco IR829 router which is running a script to push NMEA data to the GPSGate server on 1 minute intervals. I have attached this code from the router config file.
These are the GPSGate settings for this vehicle. :
Device Type: Smartpipe Static IP
DeviceMapper : Smartpipe Static IP Default Mapper
Phone number +170912345657
IP/Port : Router's Loopback address
Truck227G BC1000 BreadCrumb.jpg
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