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June 2018 - Updates and new features.

Thu Jun 14, 2018 11:38 am

June 2018 - Updates and new features.

New status icon and new vehicle marker!

And much more!

Click on "Update All" under Plugins in SiteAdmin to update all plugins.

If you have not updated Core to v5 yet GpsGate might tell you to install Java on your Windows server first.

Updates.v5 v5.0.0.1818 Released: 2018-06-14

User experience:
- New status icon and new vehicle marker!

- Optimized Event Rule loading time
- Improved profiling
- Long UI running tasks, such as user import, will not affect UI performance
- Optimized loading of Geofences by initially only fetch basic info and load the shapes on demand
- Try sending HTTP _ExternalNotification directly, enqueue only in case of a failure
- Optimized resetting of Geofence spatial cache
- Faster track loading from database.

- Fix missing Lat/Long in Vehicle Info panel
- Fixed Null Reference when changing view with vehicles that do not have a position
- Fixed issue where commands might not show for some devices
- Fix formatting of numbers when using unit 'NUMBER_INTEGER'. Used to add one decimal to numbers if less than 1.0
- Localize bucket is UI
- Fixed an issue where address text would become hidden if Vehicle Info panel was too small
- Moved Username and Driver ID to "Show more" section in vehicle info panel


- "Allow to replace OneWire Sensor ID" meta field for all devices, which allows to replace an unused OneWire Sensor ID automatically

- New privilege checks in geofence:
1. _ReadGeofence gives Read access to ALL geofences
2. _ReadGeofencesInTag gives Read access to Geofences in specific Tags
Uncheck _ReadGeofence if you want _ReadGeofencesInTag to have any effect
3. _EditGeofence filters access on _ReadGeofence and _ReadGeofencesInTag
Again, uncheck _ReadGeofence if you want _ReadGeofencesInTag to have any effect
4. _EditGeofenceTags allows users to Add/Edit and Delete Geofence Tags
5. _EditGeofence and _EditGeofenceTags are both required for Batch operations
6. Added _EditGeofencesInTag privilege.


GpsGate Protocol over TCP/IP with SSL (port 30177) available.
More info:


REST resource that returns the status of all users. (status = position + variables) there is an optional filter to get only updates after a specific timestamp.
URI: /applications/{applicationid:int}/UsersStatus

Archiving v5.0.0.1681 Released: 2018-06-14

- User surname, phone number were only exported, now also imported as expected.

PointsOfInterest v5.0.0.1688 Released: 2018-06-14

- POI panel menu would get duplicate items after map and workspace change.

Publish v5.0.0.1720 Released: 2018-06-14

- Added _CreateSharedLocation privilege which is needed to generate Shared Location Links (both for UI and REST)
- Privilege will be automatically added to _Administrator and _Operator roles to all current Applications in which Publish is enabled.

- Single vehicle publish links now work in IE10+

Saml v5.0.0.1792 Released: 2018-06-14

- fix parsing of WS-Federation metadata file

WatchDog.Client v5.0.0.1742 Released: 2018-06-14

Updated Watchbog to ignore:
- Failed commands due to missing transport
- Failed SMS commands due to missing phone number for a device

Reporting v5.0.0.1794 Released: 2018-06-14

- Distance in Event Reports was sometimes wrong.

MapClient v5.0.0.1806 Released: 2018-06-14

- No API key needed if server registered for Pay-as-you-go.

MultiMonitor v5.0.0.1818 Released: 2018-06-14

- New Vehicle marker

Basic One v5.0.0.1818 Released: 2018-06-14

- Added _EditGeofencesInTag privilege to Basic One template.

- Upgrade sometimes failed.

iOSTracker v5.0.0.1818 Released: 2018-06-14

- SOS button device definition for iOS

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