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Multiple Data Points

Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:58 pm

I successfully set up my server and one of my trackers (a Queklink GL300). Everything looked fine. I attached the tracker to my vehicle and did a 5 mile test drive around my city.

When I returned to the office and performed a "Draw Tracks" operation, the drawn tracks showed that I made the trip twice: once at 7:09 PM (correct) and once at 10:44 PM (incorrect).

Looking at the "Track Points" tab, there are two sets of points: one set at the correct time of 7:09 PM, and a duplicate set at 10:44 PM.

Any idea what I have have set wrong?

Also, what is the recommended frequency that my GL300 should be sending data to the server for real-time tracking. I have it set to 30 seconds, but I think that is too slow.


Screen shot of tracks:

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Re: Multiple Data Points

Mon Apr 30, 2018 3:46 pm

Time Zone

The best option is that you set your devices to use UTC+0


You can set the Time Zone used by the device.

1. Make sure all your devices are up to date under SiteAdmin -> Plugins.

2. Go to Devices (top menu in SiteAdmin)
3. Go to Types (left menu)
4. Select the Device Type you want to change the "Time Zone" for.
5. Scroll down and set "Time Zone" (e.g. -6 for EST)
6. Save.

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