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Best practice for moving tracking devices between vehicles

Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:29 pm


I have a question regarding the best practice for moving a tracking device (Cypress CTM-200) between vehicles and how to update the user in VT so the tracking records are accurate.

My organization has about 150 vehicles, each with a CTM-200 installed in it. In VT, our users are the vehicle names ("V100, V101, V102". etc), and the IMEI for the modem is assigned to the Device 1 and 2 parameters of the user account.

When the tracker stops working, we will swap it out with another tracker and update the user account with the new IMEI.

I assume that the tracking is matched via the IMEI, so when we try to search for historical tracks for V101 for example, it will find the tracks for the IMEI associated to V101 at that point in time. How can we search for the tracks for V101 from before its tracker was changed? What complicates the situation is that the original faulty modem will get repaired and then go back into service in a different vehicle, so that IMEI is now linked to a different vehicle/user. The person searching for the tracks needs to know which modem was in the area at the time, not necessarily the vehicle, but the vehicle # is what they have, not the modem identifier.

So, given our need to swap out modems but maintain the ability to review historical tracks, what is the best practice for configuring our environment? What we are doing now doesn't seem to be working the best.

Should it make more sense to have the userID as the IMEI, with the name as the vehicle #, and then we change the name as needed? If we did that, we still have to know historically which modem and vehicle were linked together.


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