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Intermittent Driver Name Failure

Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:52 pm

Hi All,

I am having an problem with the Driver Log-In. For some users the log-in will intermittently fail to display the driver name. For other users, the log-in always displays the correct driver name. I have carefully compared the configuration between a driver where the link is always made and a driver where the link sometimes fails and I don't see any difference. The driver ID values are correct and when I do a search in the Vehicles tab for the reported driver ID value the correct user is found. I have found one thing in common between the drivers where the log-in is failing. The same individual has been added to the system twice, once as an operator and once as a driver. The Username values are different and the Name values are also different. In the Driver configuration, the Name is [Given Name] [Family Name], in the operator configuration the Name is [Family Name], [Given Name]. Has anyone else had this problem? I would appreciate any guidance on how to figure this out.

J. F. Florey

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