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August 2017 - Updates and new Features.

Tue Aug 15, 2017 12:58 pm

August 2017 - Updates and new Features.

Patch.v4 v4.0.0.5752 Released: 2017-08-15

- Improved security. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.

- Event Rule clone (right click on event rule in VehicleTracker and clone it)
- User Search now includes a created column.
- "One click" update of all plugins.
- Possibility to export a vehicle list to a csv file with a custom delimiter
- Device Type dropdown in Add/Edit User and User Type Editor is now searchable

- Fix: Marker attributes sometimes did not show.
- Fix: Custom Fields can now be batch updated in shared applications.
- Fix: 64-bit OS platform dependency detection when running IIS Express
- Fix: Fatpoints could disappear after zooming in.
- Fix: More robust handling of failing maps and other plugins.
- Fix: 'Smart labels' bug fix.
- Fix: bug in track point graph selected signals saving.
- Fix: Overview form could break when hidden.
- Fix: Overview item could disappear from context menu after workspace change.
- Fix: Updating IMEI for a device sometimes did not work.
- Fix: Removing icons with Batch Edit Users
- Fix: Event Rule Window becoming blank after resize
- Fix: non localized text for days in Event Rule Schedule causing schedule to be displayed incorrectly
- Fix: Icon library sometimes did not load.

- Faster loading of Roles and Tags admin windows.
- Faster switching of Workspaces
- Slightly faster window and panel content updates.
- Slightly faster app startup.

- user.liveIP now available in device mapper scripts.
- operator.ip and operator.username now available in UserRightClickMenu scripts.
- SOAP method ChangeUsername now works again.
- Timer click scripts: can set interval in seconds now.
- Possibility to send emails from Timer click scripts
- Exposed lastConnection for user objects in web service scripts.

Archiving v4.0.0.5729 Released: 2017-08-15

- Fix: Duplicate Device Types and Device Mappers removed.
- Fix: Ignore Unknown devices with no device definition id on export
- Fix: Fixes related to reporting.

Dispatch v4.0.0.5743 Released: 2017-08-15

- CSV import in the Dispatch plugin now supports the "duration" column in CSV file allowing the duration of jobs to be set at import time. This value should be supplied in seconds.

- Fix: Custom field errors when dispatching or importing jobs
- Fix for Route Job sometimes failing to pass user to navigation software when page is loaded over http.

- 'tags' exposed to job click scripts

Reporting v4.0.0.5674 Released: 2017-08-15

- Improved security. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.

- Added column type DistanceTrimStart
- Made User and Application drop down list searchable in Report generation and Report Query Parameter Selector in SiteAdmin.

- Fix: Fixes related to Archiving.
- Fix case where session.driver property in Scripted Event Rules sometimes was undefined even though a driver was logged-in on the vehicle.
- Fix report processing could fail or freeze without error when server under high load
- Fix potential bug causing report processing to get stuck/hang

Payment v4.0.0.5654 Released: 2017-08-15

- Improved security. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.

Maintenance v4.0.0.5586 Released: 2017-08-15

- Improved security. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.

ArcGIS v4.0.0.5586 Released: 2017-08-15

- Improved security. Medium severity. Upgrade recommended.

Crash v4.0.0.5568 Released: 2017-08-15

- Added delete option in the graph window.

ArcGISMap v4.0.0.5632 Released: 2017-08-15

- Now uses native ArcGIS ESRI API for full WebMap support. Exactly same view in GpsGate Server as in ArcGIS's viewer.
(Can still use s.c BaseMaps but a WebMap view is recommended for most users. Gives full control of settings and style).

Mobile v4.0.0.5715 Released: 2017-08-15

- The GpsGate Fleet app now has branding plugin support. Install the branding plugin and configure it with your logo images to have them show up inside the Fleet UI. If you configure the branding plugin to display your logo in the "above menu" setting, it will appear as a small logo in the menu bar at the top of the map view. If you configure it to appear "right side of menu" it will appear in the menu page in the Fleet interface.

- Fix for issue causing the Route to Job feature making navigation software route to an empty address on some devices
- Alarms based on deleted event rules will no longer sometimes show up in the Fleet user interface.
- Alarms will now always respect the "Show in map view" and "Map marker - Enable" configuration settings in the "Presentation" tab of the event rule.
- Alarms are more responsively removed and added from the map when the page is reloaded, the view is changed or the displayed application is changed.
- Fixed an issue that caused certain alarms to become stuck and unable to be removed using the "Close" feature in the Fleet UI.

Event Report v4.0.0.5619 Released: 2017-08-15

- Added DistanceTrimStart column to EventProvider01

Dashboard v4.0.0.5640 Released: 2017-08-15

Minor changes.

PointsOfInterest v4.0.0.5729 Released: 2017-08-15

- Fix: Validates no category of POI name are saved with reserved prefix "_"

iOSTracker v4.0.0.5658 Released: 2017-08-15

Initial release.

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