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Maintenance Plugin Issue

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2017 12:07 am
by 123arg
I've been usingthe Maintenance plugin for many months now and have automated reports sent to my email once a week. I decided to update a couple of weeks ago the plugin (along with other plugins) and now my maintenance reports are coming in blank. I logged in to the application, ran the report manually and still it still comes out blank for that same vehicle. I tried running reports for other vehicles and noticed in a few vehicles that I get a report with only one maintenance record. ie: an oil change. If I check the status, in the maintenance tab, and select the vehicle, all the records I have entered for the past few months are present. Seems like it has something to do exclusively with the report. Anyone with this issue? Please help!

I tried running beta versions to see if it was fixed:

Cleanup [Feature] Homepage
Core [Core] Homepage
CoreMap [lib]
Detailed Distance Report [Report] Homepage
Device Manager [Feature]
Espanol Language [Language] Homepage
Event Report [Report] Homepage
Google Maps [Map] Homepage
Interval Event [Feature]
Maintenance [Feature] Homepage
Mobile [Feature] Homepage
Patch.v4 [Patch] Homepage
PointsOfInterest [Feature] Homepage
Reporting [Feature] Homepage
Reporting Optimization [Feature] Homepage
Terminal [Feature] Homepage

BTW, it would be nice if there were a rollback option of updates! I don't remember the previous versions of the working plugins.


Re: Maintenance Plugin Issue

Posted: Thu Mar 02, 2017 11:50 pm
by 123arg
Attached are some screenshots.
Updated today using beta versions and restarted. Issue has not been fixed. please help!

Re: Maintenance Plugin Issue

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 6:00 pm
by 123arg
I suspect why this is happening:

I forgot to mention that I deleted the user who created and entered all of the maintenance events. The few maintenance events that appear now in the Maintenance Report were entered by a different user who is still active in GGS.

As a quick fix, I tried creating a new user with the same username as the one I deleted to see if the records would reappear in the Maintenance Report, but still no luck,

Please help!

thanks again!

Re: Maintenance Plugin Issue

Posted: Tue Apr 11, 2017 6:58 am
by 123arg
Finally was able to fix this! I went ahead and manually updated the maintenance_log table using mySQL despite warnings not to. Updated LoggegByUserID to an existing user and voila! Got my reports back!