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Is there a Street View feature in the Mobile

Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:33 am

I am running the Mobile app on a Samsung Tab3-7 Android Version 4.2.2.

Is there a way to pull up a street View of the location of the Bus when you are using the mobile application on a Android?

FYI: I was able hold select and drag the Google little man logo upper left side of map and that brought up the Street View overlay of the blue lines, then I can drop close to the bus ICON to get a street view, but very hard to get the location of the bus. when I use the Chrome browser on my Android, I can not select and drag the little man, so can not get any type of Street View. So if you were not able to bring up a street view, you should try the standard browser.

Anyway I am looking for the feature that the desktop has where you can get a street view of where your vehicle is located.

I have seen some 3rd party Street View applications on Goggle Plan; does anyone have any experience using one of these applications with gpsgate.

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RE: Is there a Street View feature in the Mobile

Wed Apr 23, 2014 1:57 pm

At the moment no I'm afraid.
It's an interesting feature, we'll keep it in mind (we're currently improving mobile. Please also note that Mobile aims to support multiple maps similarly to the main app and thus can't/won't by default utilize all specific features of individual map types).

Fredrik Blomqvist

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