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How do you keep Un-ACK momentary Alarm on a view

Thu Jun 06, 2013 10:29 pm

I am trying to come up with a GpsGate map view configuration which would work well for a 1,000 vehicle system.

I don’t what to have all 1,000 vehicles on the map at the same time, so I made up several views, ie: Blue Bus line, Red Bus line, Transit-Police, Maintenance, Light-Rail, Alarm, etc.

I also used the Tag Notifier on all Event Rules which places the vehicle with an alarm in all Views. This allows alarm-vehicles to pop up under any View.

When I simulate a SOS-Alarm on a Bus I toggle the SOS-Event ON then OFF (The driver normally just presses the SOS button for a second) The Bus will only show up in the current view of Transit-Police for a second, but the red alarm circle will stay on the screen.

The problem I am having, is I cannot ACK an alarm unless the Vehicle is showing up in the current view. To ACK this alarm, I must View all then ACK again. Can I fix this problem somehow by a different configuration?

I need a way to place a un-ACK alarm in all views, this will allow me to see all un-ACK alarms on my Alarm view or any other Views. This will also allow me to ACK the alarm in any view, since it will stay on the current view until it is ACKed. Is this possible with the current software? Or can you recommend a work around for this problem.

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RE: How do you keep Un-ACK momentary Alarm on a view

Fri Jun 07, 2013 1:02 pm

Yes, the scenario you describe is currently not fully supported by GpsGate.

We can help you with remaining issues as part of you trying to close this customer case. Please contact support @ for more details.


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