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RE: NEW FEATURE: Maintenance

Tue Mar 04, 2014 6:46 pm

Are you saying that the engine hours accumulator for a vehicle is less that zero as shown in the Maintenance Status window or in the Status panel? Do you suppose you could post a screen shot?

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Fredrik A.
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RE: NEW FEATURE: Maintenance

Mon Jun 09, 2014 5:46 am

Hi Support,

I have 2 Odometer based maintenance schedules:
- Add oil per 5.000 km
- Change oil filter per 10.000 km

- Add oil per 7.000 km
- Change oil filter per 14.000 km

- Insurance per year
- Tax per year

This is real world case. Fleet A was using MNT-5000 and ADM-TRUCK for several months, then the management asked to change the maintenance policy into MNT-7000.

I have change the policy from MNT-5000 into MNT-7000 for Fleet A. All Fleet A maintenance history of MNT-5000 now lost and I have to log manually at least latest maintenance history into MNT-7000 in order to get this works.

Since maintenance items (Add oil, Change oil filter, etc) in MNT-5000 the same as in MNT-7000 (except for odometer interval), can you consider to keep the maintenance history on the truck data. So when we need to migrate, the history can be keep.

Thank you.

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