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Plugin: Visit All

Thu Feb 09, 2012 6:43 pm

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Visit All Plugin v3.0.0.3320 ( Released: 2012-02-09

"Visit All" is an event expression that can be used to check that a vehicle has visited all geofences in a tag or all POIs in a POI category (within a specified time).

Installation / Usage
1) In SiteAdmin, go to Plugins.
2) Click "Change URL", enter "".
3) Download and install the latest Visit All plugin.
4) Next, login to VehicleTracker and go to Admin -> Event Rules.
5) Click "Add new Event Rule".
6) In step 4 (Expressions), select "Visit All".
7) Select mode, "Geofence" or "Points Of Interest".
8) Enter a timeout. The timeout specifies the maximum time allowed between the first and the last position visited in the tag/category.
9) ("Geofence" mode only) Select the tag that positions should be checked against.
10) ("POI" mode only) Select the category that positions should be checked against and the accepted tolerance/radius/distance.

Note! "Visit All" only works in Live mode, not in Analyze (reporting) mode.


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